Top Companies Report

27. Sunstar

August 11, 2011


Sales: $742 million

Key Personnel:

Hiroo Kaneda, chairman, Shigeto Yasuoka, president.

Major Products:

Oral care products sold under the Gum and Butler brand names, and personal care products including hair care and skin care.

New Products:

Gum PerioShield Oral Health Rinse, Gum PerioBalance, Gum Eez-Thru Angled Flossers, Gum Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush, Gum Go Betweens Proxabrush System, Butler White Flouoride Varnish, Gum Canker-X Canker and Mouth Sore Treatment.


Sunstar offers products and services to customers in more than 90 countries around the world. The company was founded in 1932, and began manufacturing and selling toothpaste in 1946. With its world headquarters in Switzerland as a base, the Sunstar Group is carrying out and expanding its business activities in the Americas, Europe, Asia (including China and Southeast Asia) and Japan.

In April, Sunstar launched a global website (in English) for Sunstar Engineering Group, According to the company, the online hub provides easy access for customers, especially in English-speaking countries, to learn more about the Sunstar Engineering Group, a Singapore-based corporation operating business around the globe. The website is also designed to serve as a gateway to Sunstar Engineering group companies worldwide.

The company also donated $2.5 million as well as supplies to survivors of the earthquake.

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