Top Companies Report

28. Lornamead

August 6, 2012

United Kingdom

Sales: $793 million

Key Personnel: Mike Jatania, chief executive officer; Jon Osborne, chief operating officer; Aart Weijburg, non-executive director; Charles Hinkaty, non-executive director; Philip Smith, non-executive director; Randy Sloan, president.

Major Products: Hair care—Aqua Net, Bristows, Finesse, Vosene, Vosene Kids; Cosmetics and skin care—CD, Handsan, Lypsyl, Simple Bar Soap, Witch Skin Care; Bath luxuries and fragrance—Yardley of London; Oral care—Rapid Whitev.

New Products: CD Intimate Care Wash; Vosene Silver Care and Anti-Dandruff For Men (line extension); Vosene Kids Detangling Conditioner; Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream; Yardley Royal English Daisy bath and shower collection, Royal Diamond fragrance, Skin Indulgence bath & shower collection; Finesse Color Lock Styling Aids, AquaNet Silver Beauty. Upcoming Launches—Vosene Kids Bath and Shower Oil Therapy, Vosene Kids Moisturising Bubble Bath and Body Wash

Comments: It was a busy year for brand innovation at Lornamead. The Vosene medicated hair care range, which debuted in 1949, was reformulated and repackaged.

Vosene has introduced a series of new variants—more than doubling the offering—to complement the existing range that are perfect for all the family’s needs and hair types, encapsulated in a brand-new sleek, tear-drop shaped bottle, according to the company.

The Vosene hair care lineup.
Following the highly successful launch of Vosene Kids, the hair care range that helps prevent head lice, the range was extended with the launch of a Detangling Conditioner specially developed with natural jojoba, sunflower and grapeseed oils. The brand also extended into hair and body care with the launch of Afterswim Hair and Body Wash and Sensitive Hair and Body Wash.

Last year also saw the launch of AquaNet Silver Beauty daily hair care products, specially designed to address the needs of graying hair. The advanced formulas have a unique blend of hydrators to improve manageability and tame flyaway grays, restoring softness to the entire head of hair. An exclusive mix of subtle color enhancers tone down yellowness, turning partial grays into beautiful natural highlights, claimed Lornamead.

Lornamead’s leading bath and body brand, Yardley London, has for centuries been a manufacturer of fragrance by royal appointment, currently holding two royal warrants and six within its lifetime. It is often stimulated by its own royal heritage and was inspired by the future princess, Princess Catherine Middleton, to create a new youthful, light and fun fragrance. The Princess’ English beauty and energetic and fun loving character have been successfully encapsulated in the new Royal English Daisy fragrance. This summer Yardley London was also proud to introduce its first floral bouquet, crowned Royal Diamond—a celebration of British elegance and occasion, according to the company.

In March 2012 Finesse launched its new Finesse Color Lock Styling Aids, an advanced way to get longer lasting color as part of the regular home styling routine. Finesse Color Lock styling products contain a revolutionary, patented polymer system with water-resistant, film-forming properties. This polymer that sets the hairstyle also helps seal in hair color pigments, allowing hair to retain up to 75% more color through repeated shampooing, said the company.

“We’ve taken the latest in color saving technology and formulated it into high quality styling forms that women are already using every day,” said Randy Sloan, president, Lornamead Inc. “Women who use Color Lock will get what they want most—longer lasting hair color and beautifully styled hair—without having to add any extra products to their daily regimen.”

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