Top Companies Report

8. Amway

July 2, 2014

Ada, MI

Sales: $5.6 billion for personal care and home care products. Corporate sales: $11.8 billion.

Key Personnel: Steve Van Andel, chairman; Doug DeVos, president; Bill Payne, chief of staff; Samir Behl, regional president, Europe, Africa and India; George D. Calvert, chief supply chain and R&D officer; Michael Cazer, chief financial officer; Gan Chee Eng, regional president, greater China; Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer; Michael Mohr, general counsel and secretary; Michael Nelson, chief information officer; John Parker, chief sales officer; Jim Payne, regional president, Asia Pacific; Kelly Savage, chief human resource officer; Tanios Viviani, regional president, The Americas.

Major Products: Personal Care—Artistry, Body Blends,, Personal Accents and Tolsom skin care and cosmetics; Body Series personal care; Glister oral care; Legacy of Clean home care.

New Products: Artistry Ideal Radiance brightening line.

Comments: Amway’s No. 1…in overall direct sales, according to Direct Selling News’ 2014 Global 100. Avon is No. 2 on DSN’s list.
According to industry observers, sales of household and personal care products account for less than half of the company’s sales. Corporate sales rose more than 4%, marking the seventh consecutive year that Amway has posted a sales increase. Although nutrition continues to lead growth, Amway said beauty product sales were strong too, thanks to the global rollout of the Artistry Youth Xtend skin care collection and the launch of Artistry Ideal Radiance brightening line.

The company is in the midst of a $332 million global expansion that includes facilities being built in Washington, California and Michigan in the US, as well as a site in India, R&D facilities in China and South Korea and a manufacturing plant in Vietnam, which began construction in March.

In new product news, Artistry Ideal Radiance is a brightening skin care collection that harnesses an exclusive 3D technology to address irritation, hyper-pigmentation and environmental protection. The seven-item line includes botanicals like English daisies, European geraniums, jasmine, evening primrose. and sophora japonica to soothe skin.