Top Companies Report

22. Jafra

July 1, 2015

Westlake Village, CA

Sales: $521 million.

Key Personnel: Mauro Schnaidman, president and chief executive officer; Matt Petersen, senior vice president and chief marketing officer; Tony Prudhomme, senior vice president and chief financial officer; Paulo Moledo, president, Jafra USA; Jackie Trask, senior vice president, worldwide human resources; Mark Funaki, vice president and general counsel.

Major Products: Royal Jelly, Jafra Dynamics, Time Dynamics, Jafra Pro, Ultra Nourishing Gold Moisturizer, Jafra Spa, Royal Almond, Tender Moments (bath and body), Jafra Color, Jafra Fragrance, including Navigo, JF9, Adorisse, Jande, Eau d’Aromes, Valferra.

New Products: Ships Ahoy body care, Jafra Sweetie fragrance, Legend Hero, Hair Nourishing Oil.

Comments: Sales dropped more than 20% last due to a strengthening US dollar.

Jafra has more than 2,200 employees and more than 500,000 consultants, with sales companies in Mexico, the US, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic, Russia and India. The company’s range of products are sold through distributors in seven other countries.

Jafra has been owned by German-conglomerate Vorwerk Group since 2004. Vorwerk’s sales rose 5.8% last year to $3.4 billion.
In May, Vorwerk Group appointed Rainer Christian Genes as managing partner. Effective next month, the executive board of this family-owned company will consist of Reiner Strecker, Frank van Oers and Rainer Christian Genes.