5. Pearce Plastics, Inc. Innovation Update, LLC

September 7, 2012

Pearce Plastics, Inc. – Innovation Update, LLC

1309 Lincoln Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91103

He has a lot to show for 90 Years
The innovative nonagenar¬ian operating Pearce Plastics Inc. in Pasadena appears to lack the will to slow down.

Woodrow Wilson Pearce was born in Walnut Ridge, Ark. He dropped out of school in the 10th grade during the Great Depression, joined the Civilian Conservation Corps, attended an aviation school and, as signs pointed toward the start of World War II, joined a Missouri aircraft supplier fabricating landing gear assemblies. He was promoted to foreman of the plant’s steel-welding department at age 19 and soon became superintendent.

In 1942, Pearce went to California as a weld component assembler for an aircraft manufacturer. At night, he attended Plastic Institute of America classes that helped channel some of his creativity and led in time to employment as a pattern maker and then model maker.

Woody Pearce, who was born in 1919, has eight patents.

Pearce created venting cap technology. Chemical and cosmetic makers release pressure from gases inside plastic containers and overcome problems with label distortion.

He developed a double-wall automatic pet feeder dish and later a product extension that led to the development of widely used automatic water and food dispensers for pets.

He created numerous lines of caps and closures.

Pearce Plastics employs 14, occupies 30,000 square feet and recorded 2009 sales of $1.1 million vs. about $2 million in 2007. The shop has 10 hydraulic injection molding machines with clamping forces of 60-350 tons.

Technology deals with paneling distortion
Pasadena, Ca.- based Innovation Update is touting its new, patented “Vented Technology” to solve problems in the chemical and cosmetic personal care fields. This new technology will eliminate most paneling and internal pressure problems, which cause bottle distortion.

Woodrow W. Pearce, chief executive officer and president of Pearce Plastics, Inc. of Pasadena, invented the technology. Fortune 500, mid-size and small companies are all utilizing the technology to solve bottle and label distortion. The vented technology will release gases from containers without the product leaking, if used properly. It can be used without normal tooling costs usually associated with new technologies and is considered, by many, as the first major contribution to the packaging industry in several years.

A free vented lab testing, for the right solution to your product needs, is available if you are experiencing a paneling or pressurization problem.

Tel: (626) 797-8481 or e-mail: wwp@pearceplastics.com

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