6. The Visual Pak Companies

September 7, 2012

The Visual Pak Companies

The Visual Pak Companies
1909 Waukegan Rd.
Waukegan, IL 60085
Telephone: 877-689-0001
Sales inquiries: sales@visualpak.com

The Visual Pak Companies are a privately owned group of interdependent contract packaging service companies that provides high volume tolling or turnkey solutions in the contract packaging and manufacturing industry. The companies work collaboratively to deliver world-class packaging solutions and reduce costs through the vertically integrated company structure. With over a quarter century of experience in consumer products, our customers include many of the largest or best known brands within the personal care, household, health/beauty, food and packaging industries.

Contract Manufacturing—formula development and enhancement; blending and filling of alcohol, water-based, and OTC products into bottles, tottles, jars, and tubes.

Thermoform Design and Manufacturing—thermoformed trays, clamshells, and blister packs. All tooling is produced in-house including prototype and production molds to ensure dimensional accuracy. Our fully automated production equipment enables industry leading on-time delivery and superior quality.

Offset Printing and Converting—6-color printing and coating, sheeting, rewinding, die cutting, folding, and gluing. Folding cartons, blister cards, chipboard folding cartons, and paperboard solutions.

Post-Production Packaging—efficiently sort, bag, assemble, and shrink-wrap items for warehouse club and retail floor standing, pallet, counter, and wing displays.

Assembly and Packaging Services—automated cartoning, blister sealing and labeling, steam tunnel shrink sleeving, multi-pack banding, and trapped blisters for club stores.

Logistics, Warehouse, Distribution, and Fulfillment—millions of square feet and hundreds of docks allow us to effectively store and ship products to large retailers, chain drug stores, and warehouse clubs. Electronic data sharing promotes real-time exchange to your systems.

What’s new with Visual Pak in 2012?
The Visual Pak Companies made two strategic acquisitions to expand its service offerings throughout the United States.

The first acquisition involved the purchase of Cosmetic Labs of America (CLA) from Unilever. Located in Chatsworth, California, CLA is widely regarded as a premier West Coast contract packaging company producing unique and inventive formulas and packages within the personal care and cosmetic industries. CLA has long been known as an innovative product-development company in the consumer- and salon-product markets. CLA’s competitive edge has been shaped over the last 40 years through the development of many globally recognized brands that have been successfully distributed in mass retail, professional, multi-tier marketing, direct response and medical channels. CLA customers include Fortune 500 companies, well-known health, beauty, cosmetic and fragrance brands and a host of other specialized health and beauty aid companies.

The second acquisition is for the plant facility and equipment assets of Hexagon Packaging Corporation, which specializes in consumer and industrial cleaning products, chemical processing and filling services. Established in 1985 and located in Waukegan Illinois, Hexagon has been specializing in liquid blending and filling of household and industrial cleaners, fabric washes, polishes, and various other products for the automotive and household industries. In addition to liquid blending and filling, this operation also offers packaging services such as shrink wrapping, blister packaging, assembly, labeling and years of significant distribution experience.

Look for more news from Visual Pak at the end of 2012 and visit our website for more information…

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