Does the End of the Year Signal the End for the Baby Boomers?

Finally, finally, the age of the Baby Boomers is coming to a close. You know this group all too well; those born between 1945 and 1964 who promised to change the world, but ultimately left it worse than when they found it.

According to Marian Salzman, chief marketing officer and a partner at Porter Novelli Worldwide, in the span of one tumultuous year, Baby Boomers have gone from top dogs to scapegoats, as the global economy slides deeper into recession.

Who will fill the vacuum left by Boomers? Meet the Cuspers, those born roughly between 1954-1965, who will take center stage in 2009 with their first truly major figure, Barack Obama (born 1961).

Ms. Salzman maintains that Cuspers value traditional notions of family but see men and women as equals in parenting. They go back to older American values -- civility, community, responsibility -- yet keenly embrace technology and use the Internet naturally.

In fact, embracing digital technology is one of the major differences between Boomers and Cuspers. Marketers who embrace this shift in power may find new avenues of growth in 2009.