In Rotation: Standout Skin Care

Every fashionista knows the best looks stem from a mix of high end/commercial sources—think a Marc Jacobs bag coupled with an Old Navy tank top and a vintage jacket. The same concept applies to beauty. Fresh faces start with products found at the local drugstore at reasonable price points. But every girl also deserves a treat on occasion, like a prestige skin crème from Sephora or Neiman Marcus.

Here are some standout SKUs currently in my beauty routine right now.
  • Neutrogena Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration Night Moisturizer; $13.99,
Happi learned about this product when it was compared to a popular skin cream from a prestige marketer as a more affordable option in a magazine advertisement. We decided both formulations are worth their weight in gold. Neutrogena’s time-released moisturizer features glycerin to sooth the skin and offers a light but nourishing feel. This product works for daytime, too.
This moisturizer claims to revitalize with optimum anti-aging benefits and protect with full-spectrum chemical-free SPF15 sun protection. With a blend of brightening hydroxy acid, certified organic apple and lemon juices, age-defying peptides, DMAE, alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin antioxidants, this is an optimum dual-purpose moisturizer. It gives a fresh, healthy glow to the skin.
Designed for all hair types, Rusk Deepshine Oil is a marine mineral-enriched argan oil treatment that eliminates frizz and improves elasticity and hydration. Ideal as a finishing product for dry hair and best used on the ends. A bonus is the product’s tropical scent.
This cold-pressed, organic lip balm delivers a smooth, glossy shine without the waxy, sticky texture of some “natural” lip care products. The coconut flavor is subtle and longlasting thanks to actual coconut oil used in the formulation. Plus, the oval shape offers a speedy application—one swipe and you’re done. The brand also recently released new variations in coffee and chai spice.
This 100% natural body scrub is 100% delicious. A spa-quality formulation leaves a delightful fruity scent behind. This blend features cranberry seeds and pomegranate oil combine with natural sugar crystals and shea butter to gently polish and condition the skin.