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Invisible Antiperspirant Stick

Published July 1, 2004
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Phase A
Varonic APM (Degussa Personal Care) (PPG-3 myristyl ether)
Varonic APS (Degussa Personal Care) (PPG-11 stearyl ether)
Tego Alkanol 18 (Degussa Personal Care) (stearyl alcohol)
Cutina HR (hydrogenated castor oil)

Phase B
Abil B 8839 (Degussa Personal Care) (cyclopenta (and) cyclohexasiloxane)

Phase C
Locron P (aluminum chlorohydrate)
Aerosil R 972 V (Degussa AG Aerosils & Silanes) (silica dimethylsilylate)

Phase D
Tego Deo LYS (Degussa Personal Care) (zinc ricinoleate (and) lysine (and) propylene glycol)

Melt phase A at 80-85°C and stir until a clear phase is obtained. Cool phase A to 75-78°C. Add phase B while stirring and stir for another 15 minutes. While stirring, add phase C to phase AB. Stir until phase C is homogeneously dispersed. Add phase D and stir for another five minutes. Compensate loss of Abil B 8839 prior to filling (temperature: 68-70°C).

More Information
Degussa Corp. Business Line Aerosil, 379 Interpace Pkwy., Parsippany, NJ 07054-0677 Tel: (800) AEROSIL or (973) 541-8510; Fax: (973) 541-8501;
Website: www.aerosil.com

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