Styling Gel for Long-Lasting, Weightless Hold

Released by Evonik Degussa Corporation

July 1, 2004

Deionized water
Hydrolite-5 (pentylene glycol)
LCW AC-5 Yellow LLXLO (iron oxide (and) microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum)
LCW AC-5 Red R-516 L (iron oxide (and) microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum)
LCW AC-5 Black BL-100 (iron oxide (and) microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum)
LCW AC-5 TiO2 CR-50 (titanium dioxide (and) microcrystalline cellulose (and) cellulose gum)
Aerosil R 812 S (Degussa AG, Aerosil and Silanes)(silica silylate)
Abil 20 (Degussa Personal Care) (dimethicone)
Abil B 8843 (Degussa Personal Care) (dimethicone copolyol)
Liquipar Oil (paraben mixture)
LCW Covagel (sodium carboxymethyl starch)

Place water and Hydrolite-5 in mixer; add the pigments while stirring. Disperse by homogenizing briefly. Add Aerosil R 812 S while the homogenizing is running and homogenize for another 10 minutes. Check for complete dispersion. Homogenize another five to 10 minutes if necessary. Add Abil 20, Abil B 8843 and Liquipar Oil while stirring and stir for another two to three minutes. Add Covagel while stirring and stir for another 15 minutes.

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