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Baby Shampoo

Released by Solvay Novecare
Published December 1, 2004
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Deionized water
Miracare BC-34
D&C Yellow No. 10
D&C Orange No. 4
Citric acid 50% aqueous

Charge deionized water into a clean, dry blending vessel at ambient temperature. Sift in polyquaternium-10 at ambient temperature with good agitation. When polyquaternium-10 is well dispersed, begin heating the batch to 50°C to insure the polymer is fully hydrated. Mixture should be a clear liquid before proceeding. Slowly add the Miracare BC-34 baby care concentrate with good agitation. Continue to mix at 50°C until mixture is clear and uniform in appearance. Add appropriate levels of fragrance, dyes and preservative as necessary; mix until uniform. Gradually cool to 25°C. Viscosity of shampoo is influenced by the level and type of fragrance; it is recommended to check viscosity response with several different lots of fragrance. Measure pH of shampoo mixture; adjust as desired using aqueous citric acid solution to lower pH or dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide solution to raise pH. Measure the viscosity of shampoo mixture at 25°C. If desired, viscosity can be adjusted as follows: To increase viscosity, adjust shampoo pH down with small amount of dilute citric acid solution or add Mirataine BET C-30 (cocamidopropyl betaine) in 0.25% increments with mixing until viscosity target is met. To decrease viscosity, adjust pH up with small amount of dilute sodium hydroxide solution or add deionized water at 0.25% increments with mixing until viscosity target is met.

appearance @25°C: clear, yellow liquid; viscosity @25°C (RVT#4, 10rpm): 1000-2000 cPs; solids, two hours @105°C: 11-12.5%; as-is pH @25°C: 6-7

*Miracare B C-34 Concentrate is preserved at 0.05% by weight with quaternium-15.

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