Problems & Potential Damage

By Tom Branna, Editorial Director | October 21, 2005

Aside from varying levels of pigment, is Caucasian skin all that different from Black skin? What about Hispanic or Asian skin? This month, associate editor Susan Eliya looks at the issues that surround the U.S. ethnic skin care market. Based on demographics, the segment should be booming, as Hispanic, Black and Asian populations all record solid growth rates. Yet, sales of ethnic skin care products remain sluggish. Industry analysts insist that these consumers can make do with cosmetics geared toward the general population. They don’t need, in the opinion of more than a few observers, their own collection of anti-aging creams, moisturizers and body lotions.

Yet, many smaller players in the category insist that non-Caucasian skin has its own set of problems, and therefore, demands its own set of solutions. Executives at companies such as Universal Colors Cosmetics, Carol’s Daughter and Makari told Happi that many ethnic consumers feel like they’ve been ignored by the big multinational companies and, as a result, are willing to search for products that address specific problems such as scarring, ashiness and moisturization. The question for manufacturers—both big and small—is whether the consumer’s search for effective ethnic skin care products will ultimately lead to growth in a category that, judging by its consumer base, has plenty of potential.

Also this month, associate editor Ava Caridad looks at the booming wipes market. The spectacular growth that the segment recorded may have slowed in recent years, but marketers are finding new ways to exploit the convenience of these nonwoven materials. Coverage of the wipes category begins on p. 63.

This edition of Happi also includes our Contract Manufacturing/Private Label directory. For more than 20 years, the directory has been a valuable resource for finding a manufacturing partner in a diverse range of household and personal care products. The Contract Manufacturing/Private Label Directory begins on p. 103 in this issue.

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