Will 2005 End With a Thud?

October 28, 2005

No sooner did Halloween decorations come down than Christmas decorations went up. And that’s the signal that the all-important holiday selling season is underway. According to several preliminary reports (see News Front, p. 14), consumers are ready and willing to spend more this year—despite record-high energy prices, inflation above 4% and what pundit say is a decline in consumer sentiment. But even if cash-strapped consumers are willing to spend more, when will they spend it? Every year it seems as though more consumers put off holiday shopping until the week before Christmas, when panicky retailers start promoting deep discounts. What’s worse for the personal care industry, more women are skipping a stop at the beauty counter and heading straight to the electronics department to pick up the lastest techno-toys such as iPods and video games.

During the past decade or so, the consumer’s gift-giving (and receiving) habits have changed dramatically, but the beauty industry continues to try to woo shoppers with tired old GWPs. It’s time for the industry to rethink the holidays if it wants to ensure a Happy New Year.

As retailers gear up for the crush of shoppers, we take a look at the fine fragrance market in this edition of Happi.com. The segment continues to suffer from consumer indifference to new fragance launches. But there is good news. Consumers are ready and willing to experiment with new ways to enjoy fragrance. It’s up to marketers to figure out the best way to deliver scent.

Also this month, we report on the personal cleanser market. In this mature segment, the leading players continue to search for new ways to deliver soaps and cleansers.  This edition of Happi.com also includes a report on the industrial and institutional market.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Happi.com Be sure to check back often to get the latest news affecting the global household and personal products industry.

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