Minimizing Risk Post-2005

By Tom Branna, Editor | February 14, 2006

Prior to 2005, most household and personal product marketers probably didn’t

ask their suppliers about their contingency plans in the face of a natural
disaster. But hurricanes Katrina and Rita left so much devastation in their
wakes that buyers throughout the industry are now triple-checking with their
suppliers to ensure that the supply of raw materials and components remains

This month, Happi.com includes our annual online Buyer’s Guide of raw
materials and packaging components. The 2006 edition includes detailed
information on the products and services for more than 600 industry
suppliers. Now, I’m not suggesting that every company listed in the 2006
Buyer’s Guide has the capabilities to handle all the problems that are
caused by flood, fire, pandemic and hurricane, but I can tell you that many
of the companies that are listed here have been in business for decades. And
you don’t stay in business this long if your supply chain has a weak link.

If your company isn’t listed on our website, send me an email and we’ll
add you to our list right away.

For those more interested in marketing trends rather than ingredient
specs, this edition of Happi.com includes our annual look at the oral care
market. While interest in the segment remains high, sales of oral care
products actually slipped a bit, according to associate editor Ava Caridad.



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