Beauty Ingredients Directory

By Compiled by Nutraceuticals World & HAPPI Staff | September 15, 2008

A comprehensive listing of suppliers of active ingredients for applications geared toward topical and internal beauty solutions.

(Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ltd
Contact: Tim Connock
Telephone: 44-1425-653367
Fax: 44-1425-656041
E-mail: sales@connock.co.uk
Website: www.connock.co.uk
Beauty Ingredients: Exfoliants, squalane, jojoba, herbal extracts, natural oils, silicone compounds, esters, aromatics, benzophenones, dried herbs


Contact: Jeff Barrie
Telephone: 512-327-0050
Fax: 512-327-0073
E-mail: info@aloecorp.com
Website: www.aloecorp.com
Beauty Ingredients: Activaloe aloe vera gel, Activaloe aloe vera whole leaf

Arista Industries, Inc.

Contact: Mary Ann Siciliano
Telephone: 203-761-1009 ext. 316
Fax: 203-761-4980
E-mail: maryann@aristaindustries.com
Website: www.aristaindustries.com
Beauty Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, specialty butters, organic oils

BioCell Technology, LLC

Contact: Toni Dizon
Telephone: 714-632-1231
Fax: 714-632-5866
E-mail: toni@biocelltechnology.com
Website: www.biocelltechnology.com
Beauty Ingredients: BioCell Collagen II (collagen and hyaluronic acid complex)

BioChemica International

Contact: Larry Moroni
Telephone: 321-254-3444
Fax: 321-242-9507
E-mail: larry@biochemica.com
Website: www.biochemica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil EV, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, sesame seed oil


Contact: Michael Sodaro
Telephone: 760-597-0933
Fax: 760-597-9670
E-mail: m_sodaro@bdnutritional.com
Website: www.bdnutritional.com
Beauty Ingredients: Decanox natural mixed tocopherols; Novasoy soy isoflavones; CardioAid phytosterols; Novatol natural source vitamin E; NuTriene tocotrienols; Enzogenol pine bark extract; MegaNatural grape seed and skin extract; Betanat natural beta-carotene; FloraGLO lutein; Sawasabi wasabi

B&T Company

Contact: Sergio Amari
Telephone: 39-39-6180447
Fax: 39-39-6188946
E-mail: info@btcompany.com
Website: www.btcompany.com
Beauty Ingredients: Emulsifiers, stabilizing agents, emollients, active ingredients, surfactants, vegetable oils and butters, solubilizer systems, essential oils and actives

Capsugel, A Division of Pfizer

Contact: Mark Vieceli
Telephone: 888-783-6361
Fax: 888-783-6360
E-mail: marketing.amer@pfizer.com
Website: www.capsugel.com
Beauty Ingredients: Licaps (liquid capsules for designer supplements)

Carrubba Inc.

Contact: Ed Matson
Telephone: 203-878-0605
Fax: 203-877-0361
E-mail: customerservice@carrubba.com
Website: www.carrubba.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aromatic extracts, botanical extracts, certified organic extracts, essential waters, wildcrafted botanical extracts, natural fragrances for personal care, DeoPlex natural deodorant, aromatherapy blends with essential oils, natural fragrances for household cleansers, certified organic essential oil blends

Centerchem, Inc.

Contact: Thomas Kovats
Telephone: 203-822-9800 ext. 116
Fax: 203-822-9820
E-mail: cosmetics@centerchem.com
Website: www.centerchem.com
Beauty Ingredients: Tego arjuna, Tego turmerone, Alp-Sebum, Pepha-Protect, Calendula AO, Green Tea-ECO, Vine-ECO, Exfo-Amber

Charles Bowman & Company

Contact: Sarah Viges
Telephone: 616-786-4000
Fax: 616-786-2864
E-mail: cbc@charlesbowman.com
Website: www.charlesbowman.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cholesterol NF, Dusoran MD (lanolin alcohol), D-panthenol, DL-panthenol, gamma oryzanol, vitamin E oils/powders, Catocyanic Complex (bilberry extracts), vitamin D2 in oil, vitamin D3 in oil, pantethine

Croda Inc

Contact: Cara Eaton
Telephone: 732-417-0800
Fax: 732-417-0804
E-mail: marketing@crodausa.com
Website: www.crodausa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Ingredients for hair care, skin care, sun care, color cosmetics

Cyanotech Corporation

Contact: Jeane Vinson
Telephone: 800-395-1353 ext. 201
Fax: 808-329-4533
E-mail: jvinson@cyanotech.com
Website: www.cyanotech.com
Beauty Ingredients: BioAstin natural astaxanthin

Denomega Nutritional Oils AS

Contact: Sarah Christianslund
Telephone: 47-93-09-32-00
Fax: 47-69-39-50-05
E-mail: sarah.christianslund@borregaard.com
Website: www.denomega.com
Beauty Ingredients: Marine omega 3 products

Eco Oil Argentina S.A.

Contact: Elsa Mateos
Telephone 54-11-4342-8380
Fax: 54-11-4342-8065
E-mail: marketing@ecooil.com.ar
Website: www.ecooil.com.ar
Beauty Ingredients: Golden Jojoba Oil, Golden Pasteurized Jojoba Oil, Golden Deodorized Jojoba Oil, Water Clear Refined Jojoba Oil

Gencor Pacific, Inc.

Contact: Gita Kasiri
Telephone: 714-870-8723
Fax: 732-875-0306
E-mail: info@gencorpacific.com
Website: www.gencorpacific.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cleargen, Gentone, Slimaluma

Glanbia Nutritionals

Contact: Sheila Dana
Telephone: 608-371-4086
Fax: 608-329-2828
E-mail: sdana@glanbiausa.com
Website: www.glanbiausa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Bioferrin 5000 natural HA booster; Glovon natural preservative, MeadowPure omega 3

Golden Hope Bioganic
Contact: Zalina Hamid
Telephone: 603-3122-6302 ext. 2263
Fax: 603-3122-0782
E-mail: zalina.hamid@simedarby.com
Website: www.gold-trie.com
Beauty Ingredients: Gold Tri E tocotrienols (vitamin E), pink guava scrub granules


Contact: Garrett Lindemann
Telephone: 307-655-5109
Fax: 208-975-0303
E-mail: garrett.lindemann@gourmetceuticals.com
Website: www.gourmetceuticals.com
Beauty Ingredients: PPL-240 antioxidant (PLE, Polypodium leucutomos)

Graminex, LLC

Contact: Phil Franzo
Telephone: 989-797-5502
Fax: 989-799-0020
E-mail: pfranzo@graminex.com
Website: www.graminex.com
Beauty Ingredients: Flower pollen extract, amino acids, antioxidants, phytosterols

Indena USA, Inc.

Contact: Greg Ris
Telephone: 206-340-6140
Fax: 206-340-0863
E-mail: greg@indenausa.com
Website: www.indena.com
Beauty Ingredients: Centella, Centella Phytosome, GBDF (Ginkgo Biloba Dimeric Flavonoids Phytosome), Ruscogenins, Escin, Escin Phytosome, Asiaticoside, Esculoside, Sericoside, Visnadine

International Sourcing Inc.

Contact: Gregg Friedman
Telephone: 201-560-0111
Fax: 201-560-1156
E-mail: info@isi-usi.com
Website: www.isi-usi.com
Beauty Ingredients: Botanical extracts, cosmetic chemicals, cosmetic preservatives, hyaluronic acid/solution, DL panthenol, salts (Dead Sea/European Spa), seaweeds, seaweed extracts, squalane (olive oil base), tea tree oil

Kaneka Nutrients L.P.

Contact: Thomas Schrier
Telephone: 281-291-4488
Fax: 281-291-4470
E-mail: info@kanekaQ10.com
Website: www.kanekaQ10.com
Beauty Ingredients: Kaneka Q10

Kinetik Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Juliana Rumbaugh
Telephone: 732-335-5775
Fax: 732-335-0210
E-mail: jrr@kinetiktech.com
Website: www.kinetiktech.com
Beauty Ingredients: Dermosoft 688 ECO, Dermosoft 700B, Dermofeel PA-3, Dermosoft GMCY, Dermofeel G10L, Resplanta Peach, Resassol VS, Resassol AGO, Rice NS, Sabal Serrulata Lipophilic

Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc.

Contact: Karen Todd
Telephone: 212-319-5353
Fax: 212-421-1283
E-mail: info@kyowa-usa.com
Website: www.kyowa-usa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lumistor L-Hydroxyproline, Setria glutathione, Sustamine L-alanyl-L-glutamine, hyaluronic acid, acetyl-hydroxyproline, amino acids, peptides, nucleic acid-related compounds, organic acids, oxoderivatives

LycoRed Ltd.

Contact: Udi Alroy
Telephone: 972-7-32327314
Fax: 972-8-6236310
E-mail: udi@lycored.com
Website: www.lycored.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lyc-O-Beta, Lyc-O-Mato, Lyc-O-Lutein, Lyc-O-Rose, Tomat-O-Red, Tocomin, acetyl glucosamine, creatine, glucosamine HCL, Focus-PS

Maitake Products, Inc.

Contact: Donna Noonan
Telephone: 973-470-0010
Fax: 973-470-0017
E-mail: customerservice@maitake.com
Website: www.maitake.com
Beauty Ingredients: GXM-Fraction (extract of tremella mushroom), alpha lipoic acid, pearl powder

Maypro Industries, LLC

Contact: Miki Taira
Telephone: 914-251-0701
Fax: 914-251-0746
E-mail: maypro@worldnet.att.net
Website: www.maypro.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aloe vera, apple extract, cholesterol NF, glycine USP, green tea, lanoline, Oligonol lychee fruit extract, papain, superoxide dismutase, ubidecarenone (CoQ10)

MB North America

Contact: Stefan Wypyszyk
Telephone: 310-534-7100
Fax: 310-534-8001
E-mail: info@mbnorthamerica.com
Website: www.mbnorthamerica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Xanthosteen mangosteen extract, green tea extract, lemon balm leaf extract, horsetail herb extract

Monoi Institute

Contact: Eric Vaxelaire
Telephone: 689-43-18-49
Fax: 689-45-40-42
E-mail: monoi.de.tahiti@mail.pf
Website: www.monoi-institute.org
Beauty Ingredients: Monoi de Tahiti

Natunola Health Inc.

Contact: Leanne Fawcett
Telephone: 613-774-9998
E-mail: sales@natunola.com
Website: www.natunola.com
Beauty Ingredients: Vegelatum Clear RM, Vegelatum Equiline, Natunola CCT 7401, Natunola Soyalatum CRM, Natunola canola oil, aloe vera oil gel C1XW, aloe vera oil gel C10XW, Natunola flax protein, Natunola flax extract 130

Natural Health Science

Contact: Kimberly Austin
Telephone: 877-369-9934
Fax: 201-459-0055
E-mail: kim@pycnogenol.com
Website: www.pycnogenol.com
Beauty Ingredients: Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract

Norland Products Inc.

Contact: Richard Norland
Telephone: 609-395-1966
Fax: 609-395-9006
E-mail: rnorland@norlandproducts.com
Website: www.norlandproducts.com
Beauty Ingredients: Hydrolyzed fish collagen


Contact: Martha Haas
Telephone: 802-257-5345
Fax: 802-251-6981
E-mail: lorna@nutragenesis.com
Website: www.nutragenesis.com
Beauty Ingredients: Sendara (beauty-from-within ingredient for dietary supplements), Sensara (beauty-from-within ingredient for functional foods and beverages)

NutriScience Innovations

Contact: Jacob Pallathra
Telephone: 203-372-8877
Fax: 203-372-9977
E-mail: sales@nutriscienceusa.com
Website: www.nutriscienceusa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Ceramide natural, inositol, molasses extract, mango butter, triclosan, isopropyl methylphenol, chlorphenesin, benzyl nicotinate, L-glutathione


Contact: Steve Holtby
Telephone: 801-523-1161
Fax: 801-523-1191
E-mail: steveh@optipure.com
Website: www.optipure.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cerenew, Injuv

Pharmachem Labs, Inc.

Contact: Monica Johnson
Telephone: 281-360-7282
Fax: 281-361-2799
E-mail: mjohnson@pharmachemlabs.com
Website: www.pharmachem.com
Beauty Ingredients: Clary sage oil, clary sage extract, sclareolide, celadrin, yeast extract, lutein, lycopene, carotenoids, palm fruit extract, vitamins and minerals

P.L. Thomas

Contact: Alda Brandao
Telephone: 973-984-0900 ext. 218
Fax: 973-984-5666
E-mail: plt@plthomas.com
Website: www.plthomas.com
Beauty Ingredients: Rosemary extracts, Ursole ursolic acid, dihydromyricetin, rhodiola rosea, NutraLease nanoencapsulation technology, centella asiatica, licorice derivatives, GliSODin, MenaQ7, pomegranate seed oil

Rovi Cosmetics International GmbH

Contact: Sarah Teichmuller
Telephone: 49-6661-9676-0
Fax: 49-6661-9676-76
E-mail: sarah.teichmueller@rovicosmetics.de
Website: www.rovicosmetics.de
Beauty Ingredients: Liquid and solid delivery systems, Rovisomes, Cerasomes, oleospheres, lipotuse, ultraspheres

Sabinsa Corporation

Contact: Shaheen Majeed
Telephone: 801-465-8400
Fax: 801-465-8600
E-mail: shaheen@sabinsa.com
Website: www.sabinsa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cosmoperine, tetrahydrocurcuminoids, licorice extract CG, Cococin, rosemary extract CG, alpha lipoic acid

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates

Contact: Shaylene Scott
Telephone: 559-458-2607
Fax: 559-458-2564
E-mail: shaylene.scott@sjvconc.com
Website: www.activin.com
Beauty Ingredients: Grape seed extract

S. Black Ltd

Contact: Gillian Berry
Telephone: 44-1992-825555
Fax: 44-1992-825566
E-mail: enquiries@sblack.com
Website: www.sblack.com
Beauty Ingredients: Acai, lutein, CoQ10, botanicals, peptides, vitamins, mineral gluconates, pearl pigments, astaxanthin

Stauber Performance Ingredients

Telephone: 888-441-4233; 714-441-3900
Fax: 714-441-3909
E-mail: customerservice@stauberusa.com
Website: www.stauberusa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Coral calcium sachets, glycerine, lemon dietary fiber, oat fiber snowite, soy isoflavones, beta-carotene, PABA, locust bean gum, carrageenan, ascorbyl palmitate, kelp laminaria

TandemRain Innovations

Contact: Brian Peotter
Telephone: 360-606-4806
Fax: 360-597-1660
E-mail: moreinfo@tandemrain.com
Website: www.tandemrain.com
Beauty Ingredients: ActivMSM (methylsufonylmethane), ActivMSM Plus K2 7 (combo)

Toyo Bio-pharma

Contact: Mario Kahn
Telephone: 310-284-8696
Fax: 310-277-8696
E-mail: mkahn@toyobiopharma.com
Website: www.toyobiopharma.com
Beauty Ingredients: Toyo-FVG pine park extract, NouriMask, fermented orange

TSI Health Sciences, Inc.

Contact: Larry Kolb
Telephone: 406-549-9123 ext. 11
Fax: 406-549-6139
E-mail: lkolb@tsiinc.com
Website: www.tsiinc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Selaginella extract (13% Amentoflavone), Pureflex glucosamine sulfate, Pureflex glucosamine HCL, Pureflex chondroitin, Pureflex N-acetyl D-glucosamine

Univar USA Inc.    

Contact: Phyllis Shout
Telephone: 977-203-0045
Fax: 425-889-4194
E-mail: phyllis.shout@univarusa.com
Website: www.univarusapersonalcare.com
Beauty Ingredients: Actives, delivery vehicles, emollients, Glypure glycolic acid, performance pigments, polymers, rheology modifiers, silicone, sunscreen actives, surfactants

Vitarich Laboratories, Inc.

Contact: Tina Mori
Telephone: 503-706-7048
Fax: 503-698-6131
E-mail: tina.mori@vitarichlabs.com
Website: www.vitarichlabs.com
Beauty Ingredients: Proprietary Adaptogenic Herbal Blend, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, alpha lipoic acid, vitamins A, C, D and E, chondroitin sulfate, antioxidants, aloe

Wild Flavors, Inc.

Contact: Heather Biehl
Telephone: 859-342-3699
Fax: 859-342-3608
E-mail: hbiehl@wildflavors.com
Website: www.wildflavors.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aloe vera, CoQ10, flaxseed oil or hi-omega cranberry seed oil, grapeseed extract, pine bark extract, citrus bioflavonoids, polyphenols, vitamins A, C and E, emblica powder (Indian Gooseberry), carotenoids (lutein, lycopene, astaxanthin)

Zymes, LLC

Contact: Maria Cartier
Telephone: 201-727-1520
Fax: 201-727-1571
E-mail: mcartier@zymesllc.com
Website: www.zymes.com
Beauty Ingredients: CoQ10, astaxanthin, resveratrol, fragrance oils, omega 3s, Asiatic acid, fruit extracts, lutein, beta-carotene, fucoxanthin
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