Trends to Watch in the New Year

By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director | December 1, 2008

As Happi goes to press, everyone, it seems, is gripped with fear that the holiday selling season is going to be a disaster and that 2009 could be one of the worst years for retail sales in decades. But even in tough times, there are trends worth watching. Mintel, in fact, has identified four trends that could influence consumers’ beauty routines in 2009.

Austerity Chic.

After an era of indulging in every beauty whim, Austerity Chic will see consumers “looking good for less.” Mintel predicts that shoppers will de-clutter their bathroom cabinets and clear their dressing table tops, as they focus only on those products they really need.

Turbo Beauty.

Consumers will become more discerning about the beauty products they buy. They expect visible results, so they’ll only spend their dwindling beauty budget on products that will have the desired effect, according to Mintel.

Extreme Ethical.

The focus on science in 2009 will not cause ethical issues to fall by the wayside. Mintel notes, that for many, sustainability has become a deeply held sentiment, central to their lives, so even as money gets tighter, not everyone will turn their backs on a greener way of life. But according to Mintel, unsubstantiated claims will no longer be enough for people demanding real evidence of ethical authenticity. Extreme ethical will include more Fairtrade ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, charitable initiatives and attention focused on sustainable production. Mintel predicts some companies will attempt to reduce the “water footprint” of their products, not just their carbon footprint.

Beauty Foods.

Next year, food and beauty will become even more intertwined. Mintel expects good-for-you food ingredients, such as probiotics, to increasingly show up in cosmetics and skin care products. The familiarity of these ingredients will go a long way to convince consumers that these beauty products can enhance their appearance, just as they have enhanced their health. People will also choose more on-the-go formats such as supplements, snacks and drinks designed to help them look good and improve their beauty routines.
There you have it. Four good growth opportunities in 2009. Good luck in the new year.

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