Beauty Ingredients Directory

By Nutraceuticals World & HAPPI Staff | September 15, 2007

Suppliers share ingredient offerings suitable for both topical and oral formulations.

Albion Human Nutrition

Contact: Max Motyka
Telephone: 800-222-0733
Telephone: 586-774-9055
Fax: 586-774-8838
E-mail: mmotyka@albionminerals.com
Website: www.albionminerals.com
Beauty Ingredients: Chelated minerals

Arista Industries, Inc.

Contact: Mary Ann Siciliano
Telephone: 203-761-1009 x316
Fax: 203-761-4980
E-mail: maryann@aristaindustries.com
Website: www.aristaindustries.com
Beauty Ingredients: Borage oil, cranberry oil, evening primrose oil, flax seed oil, olive oil, perilla seed oil, pomegranate oil, rose hip seed oil, sunflower oil, omega 3 fatty acids


Contact: Cassiano Braccialli
Telephone: 55-112-6435000
E-mail: cassiano@beraca.com
Beauty Ingredients: Rain forest açaí oil, rain forest annato oil, rain forest Brazil nut oil, rain forest buriti oil, rain forest passion fruit oil, rain forest cupuaçu butter, rain forest murumuru butter, rain forest copaíba oil, rain forest andiroba oil

Bio-Botanica, Inc.

Contact: Ellen Delisle
Telephone: 631-231-5522
Fax: 631-231-7332
E-mail: edelisle@bio-botanica.com
Website: www.bio-botanica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Holistically balanced extracts, natural preservatives, Pueraria mirifica, albacan, phytoplenolin, standardized extracts, custom blends, Fruitanicals, BioSaponins


Contact: Larry Moroni
Telephone: 321-254-3444
Fax: 321-242-9507
E-mail: sales@biochemica.com
Website: www.biochemica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Fruit butters, certified organic; shea butter, Ultra Refined; palm butter, certified organic; cocoa butter, certified organic; LiquaShea, shea liquid; evening primrose oil, certified organic; coffee butter; rose hip seed oil; citrus butters, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine; aloe butter

BioCell Technology

Contact: Toni Dizon
Telephone: 714-632-1231
Fax: 714-632-5866
E-mail: toni@biocelltechnology.com
Website: www.biocelltechnology.com
Beauty Ingredients: BioCell Collagen II, BioCell Collagen II CG


Contact: Eric Lefevre
Telephone: 33-2-96-95-31-32
Fax: 33-2-96-95-31-30
E-mail: contact@biotechmarine.com
Website: www.biotechmarine.com
Beauty Ingredients: Seaweed and plant bioactive natural substances; complete and qualitative collection of over 40 bioactive substances designed for anti-aging, moisturizing, make up, sun, hair, spa and specific care

Campo Research

Contact: Dr. Balasubramaniam,
Joshua Teo
Telephone: 65-63833203
Fax: 65-63834034
E-mail: bala@campo-research.com; support@campo-research.com
Website: www.campo-research.com
Beauty Ingredients: Songyi mushroom, kinetin, Campo Plantservative, Siddha Medico-Colors, Campo pearl extract, alpha lipoic acid, neem oil, DMAE, fruit enzymes


Contact: Market Development
Telephone: 888-783-6361
Fax: 888-783-6360
E-mail: marketing.amer@pfizer.com
Website: www.capsugelsolutions.com
Beauty Ingredients: Vcaps vegetarian capsules for ingestible supplements; Licaps liquid delivery system; formulation services; natural colors for capsules

Centerchem, Inc

Contact: Tom Kovats
Telephone: 203-822-9800
Fax: 203-822-9820
E-mail: cosmetics@centerchem.com
Website: www.centerchem.com
Beauty Ingredients: Regu-Stretch, Regu-Cea, ABI Complex AO, Xpertmoist, Peelmoist, Preventhelia, Tego Cosmo LSG, Tego Galanga, Goji ECO, Coffee ECO, Drenalip, Vitasource, AuraSphere, Petalatum, Organza

Chemyunion Quimica

Contact: Josely Muranaka
Telephone: 55-11-2173-0103
Fax: 55-11-2173-0100
E-mail: josely@chemyunion.com.br
Website: www.chemyunion.com.br
Beauty Ingredients: Bioskinup Contour; Slimbuster L&H; hair phytopigments; Energilium; Chemysoap; Hidrahair O2; Activespheres VIT C PMg; Relievene SK; Aquasense; Ecobidens; Ecophysalis

Cognis Nutrition & Health

Contact: Joel Melillo
Telephone: 908-696-1236
E-mail: joel.melillo@cognis.com
Website: www.cognis.com, www.tonalin.com
Beauty Ingredients: Covitol natural vitamin E; Betatene natural mixed carotenoids; Omevital omega 3; Tonalin CLA; Xangold natural lutein esters; Plantalin botanicals

Croda Inc

Contact: Cara Eaton
Telephone: 732-417-0800
Fax: 732-417-0804
E-mail: marketing-usa@croda.com
Website: www.crodausa.com
Beauty Ingredients: RevitElix, RevitElix Nutra

Dr. Paul Lohmann, Inc.

Contact: Patrick Stano
Telephone: 631-851-8810
Fax: 631-851-8815
E-mail: service@lohmann-inc.com
Website: www.lohmann-inc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aluminum citrate, ammonium lactate, copper gluconate, magnesium aspartate, sodium acetate, sodium lactate, zinc gly­cerophosphate, sodium glycerophosphate, magnesium carbonate, zinc acetate

Draco Natural Products, Inc.

Contact: Mike Irwin
Telephone: 408-287-7871
Fax: 408-287-8838
E-mail: mirwin@dracoherbs.com
Website: www.dracoherbs.com
Beauty Ingredients: Full Spectrum standardized herbal powdered extracts; fruit and vegetable phytochemical concentrates; certified organic bioactive ingredients; Vital Treasures liquid bioactive extracts; organic glycerin; certified organic oils; superfruit extracts; herb formulas for beauty inside-out applications


Contact: Caroline Brons
Telephone: 973-257-8042
Fax: 973-257-8592
E-mail: caroline.brons@dsm.com
Beauty Ingredients: Vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, specialty nutraceuticals

Extracts & Ingredients

Contact: David Fondots
Telephone: 908-688-9009
Fax: 908-688-9005
E-mail: dfondots@morretec.com
Website: www.extractsandingredients.com
Beauty Ingredients: Pomegranate seed oil, Olivoil emulsifier, argan oil, Olivoil surfactant, pomegranate seed extract, pomegranate peel extract, natural alpha bisabolol, Apalight Anti-Sun, grape seed oil, botanical extracts

Gencor Nutrients, Inc.

Contact: Arvind Srinivasan
Telephone: 714-870-8723
Fax: 732-875-0306
E-mail: info@gencorpacific.com
Website: www.gencorpacific.com
Beauty Ingredients: Gentone, Cleargen, Slimaluma

Grant Industries

Contact: Charles Granatell
Telephone: 201-791-6700
E-mail: cgranatell@grantinc.com
Website: www.grantinc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Elastomers, powders, emulsifiers, actives, UV dispersions, specialty materials

Indena Spa

Contact: Laura Bo
Telephone: 39-2-574961
Fax: 39-2-27496374
E-mail: laura.bo@indena.com
Website: www.indena.com
Beauty Ingredients: Asiaticoside, Escin beta-sitosterol phospholipids, Esculoside, ginkgo biloba biflavones phytosome, Opextan, Ruscogenins C, silymarin phytosome, Visnadin, Ximilene, Zanthalene

Lipo Chemicals, Inc.

Contact: April Cappetta
Telephone: 973-345-8600
Fax: 973-345-8365
E-mail: salesandmarketing@lipochemicals.com
Website: www.lipochemicals.com
Beauty Ingredients: Actives and treatments; polymers and powders; exfoliants; emollients, emulsifiers and solubilizers; waxes; viscosity modifiers and stabilizers; preservatives; humectants; delivery systems

Lonza Inc.

Contact: Technical Sales Support
Telephone: 800-635-8324
Fax: 201-696-3612
E-mail: allendale@lonza.com
Website: www.lonza.com
Beauty Ingredients: Natrulon RC-100, Natrulon H-6, Natrulon H-10, Geogard 111, Geogard 221, Geogard Ultra, Polyaldo polyglycerol esters

LycoRed Corp.

Contact: David Djerassi
Telephone: 973-882-0322
Fax: 973-882-0323
E-mail: info@lycored.us.com
Website: www.lycored.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lyc-O-Mato 6% (natural tomato extract containing 6% lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, tocotrienol, beta-carotene); Lyc-O-Mato CG-1 (cosmetic grade Lyc-O-Mato containing 1% lycopene for reduced coloration); Lyc-O-Mato Rose CG (cosmetic grade Lyc-O-Mato CG-1 with 1% rosemary leaf extract, containing the oil soluble antioxidant carnosic acid); Lyc-O-Lutein 20% (20% lutein oil suspension); Lyc-O-Rose 4% oil (4% rosemary leaf extract, containing 35% of the oil soluble antioxidant carnosic acid); Lyc-O-Rose 20% powder (20% pure rosemary leaf extract for use in make-up products as an antioxidant); Tomat-O-Red 2% SG (2% solubilized lycopene for use in aqueous systems); Tomat-O-Red 10% CWD; Lyc-O-Beta 30% oil suspension (30% suspension of beta-carotene for use in creams and lotions); Lyc-O-Beta 2% SG (2% beta-carotene suspension for use in aqueous systems); tocotrienol

Martin Bauer Inc.

Contact: Gary Vorsheim
Telephone: 201-659-3100
Fax: 201-659-3180
E-mail: info@martin-bauer-group.us
Website: www.martin-bauer-group.us
Beauty Ingredients: Green tea extracts and leaf; white tea extracts and leaf; green rooibos extract; fermented rooibos extract; elderberry extract; green mate extract; hibiscus extract; grape seed extract; olive leaf extract; cinnamon extract; balm mint extract

Natural Health Science

Contact: Kimberly Austin
Telephone: 877-369-9934
Fax: 201-459-0055
E-mail: kim@pycnogenol.com
Website: www.pycnogenol.com
Beauty Ingredients: Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract

Nutraceuticals International

Contact: Nichole De Block
Telephone: 201-796-4041
Fax: 201-796-4051
E-mail: nichole@nutraintl.com
Website: www.nutraintl.com
Beauty Ingredients: Almond oil; aloe vera 200:1; borage oil powder; carrot; ginseng; honey; lavender oil; menthol crystals; olive leaf; sunflower oil powder

Nutra3 Complex/NutraFood Nutrients, Inc.

Contact: John Tobin
Telephone: 609-383-1112
Fax: 609-383-1097
E-mail: john@nutra3.com
Website: www.nutra3.com
Beauty Ingredients: NutraFood Nutrients whole food selenium; whole food SOD; whole food glutathione; whole food GTF chromium; whole food vitamins; whole food minerals; whole food bioflavonoids; whole food amino acids; whole food lipids; whole food proteins


Contact: Martha Haas
Telephone: 802-257-5345
E-mail: martha@nutragenesis.com
Website: www.nutragenesis.com
Beauty Ingredients: Sendara beauty from within dietary supplement; Wellberry

OptiGenex, Inc.

Contact: Anthony Worth
Telephone: 201-486-1741
E-mail: tworth@optigenex.com
Beauty Ingredients: AC-11, C-MED-100, CAE’s, QAE’s

P. L. Thomas

Contact: Paula Nurnberger
Telephone: 973-984-0900
Fax: 973-984-5666
E-mail: plt@plthomas.com
Website: www.plthomas.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lipowheat ceramides; Nudermyl; SkinGestPSOR; DHM (cellulite); ursolic acid; rosemary extracts; ubiquinol; pomegranate; GliSODin

Premium Ingredients International, U.K.

Contact: Amy Fox
Telephone: 44-20-7466-5476
E-mail: amy.fox@premiumingredients.com
Website: www.premiumingredients.co.uk
Beauty Ingredients: 18-B-Glycyrrhetinic acid; dipotassium glycyrrhizinate; licorice flavonoids; gladbradin; stearyl; glycyrrhetinate; hyaluronic acid; menthol crystals; vitamin E oil; squalene; CoQ10

RITA Corp.

Contact: Tom Goode
Telephone: 815-337-2500
E-mail: tgoode@ritacorp.com
Website: www.ritacorp.com
Beauty Ingredients: Specialty chemicals for personal care

Sabinsa Corporation

Contact: Kavita Subramanian
Telephone: 732-777-1111
Fax: 732-777-1443
E-mail: info@sabinsa.com
Website: www.sabinsacosmetics.com
Beauty Ingredients: Saberry, Centellin CG, Cococin, Cosmoperine, Oxyresvenox, Sabiwhite, red sandalwood, sappanwood, tetrahydrocurcuminoids, Venocin

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company

Contact: Barry Meltzer
Telephone: 510-770-1215
Fax: 510-770-9021
E-mail: ap@herbspicetea.com
Website: www.herbspicetea.com
Beauty Ingredients: Botanical herbs, spices, teas

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Contact: Jeanette Fisher
Telephone: 323-726-0700
E-mail: sales@soft-gel.com
Website: www.soft-gel.com
Beauty Ingredients: Injuv, Cerenew, borage oil, evening primrose oil, marine lipid concentrate, alpha lipoic acid, LyCoQ, vitamin E with selenium

Southern Cross Botanicals Pty Ltd

Contact: Mike Priest
Telephone: 61-2-6687-8828
Fax: 61-2-6687-8737
E-mail: info@scbotanicals.com.au
Website: www.scbotanicals.com.au
Beauty Ingredients: Abacross; Abacross wild rosella; Abacross kakadu plum; Abacross caviar lime; Abacross goji berry; Abacross macadamia butter; Abacross lilly pilly; Abacross rainforest lime; Abacross quandong; Abacross wattle-seed; Abacross desert lime; Abacross hibiscus flower

The Wright Group

Contact: Natalie Gardiner
Telephone: 337-783-3096
E-mail: natalieg@wenrich.com
Website: www.thewrightgroup.net
Beauty Ingredients: Contract services, herbs, minerals, vitamins

Xsto Solutions

Contact: Dan Murray
Telephone: 678-445-3535
Fax: 973545-0221
E-mail: dmurray@xstosolutions.com
Website: www.xstosolutions.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lutein, zeaxathin, astaxanthin, beta-carotene, L-carnosine


Contact: Sales
Telephone: 281-419-6050
E-mail: sales@zmc-usa.com
Website: www.zmc-usa.com
Beauty Ingredients: CoQ10, vitamin e dl alpha tocopheryl acetate, beta-carotene
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