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Clip, Pull and Go

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | December 4, 2009

YOYO Lip Gloss targets a need for wearable cosmetics.

Almost everyone’s played with a yo-yo at one point in his or her lives…but who would have thought those entertaining retractable orbs would parlay into the beauty market?

Angie Onassis Parlionas did. A fan of makeup since childhood, it didn’t take the New York, NY native long to realize a void in the cosmetics arena: the lost lipgloss. This revelation birthed the design of a lip product that is easily found—Yoyo Lip Gloss. It clips onto anything—from belt loop to shoulder strap, locker to handbag—so you’re never at a loss for your gloss.

Ms. Parlionas, who has an MBA in executive management from St. Johns University, organized a team of chemists and makeup manufacturers to bring her lipgloss vision to life. Now shoppers can find Yoyo products nationally in a variety of locations, from mega-stores such as Joyce Leslie to uber-trendy boutiques like Patricia Field. The glimmer-y gloss range is available in eight flavors such as Bodacious Blueberry, Crazy Cotton Candy, Power Packing Pineapple, Big Bounce Bubblegum, Cha-Cha Chocolate, Super Strawberry Cheesecake, Kissable Kiwi and Girly Green Apple.

“Girls love lip gloss and are constantly reapplying it. It is the most acceptable form of makeup approved by parents.Teens account for a good amount of cosmetic sales within the United States,” Ms. Parlionas tells HAPPI on why she started the line. “But most importantly, there was no product on the market that could put an end to the lost lipgloss dilemma…with Yoyo Lip Gloss, I have created the perfect solution, not just for teens but for women of all ages.”
According to Ms. Parlionas, there were several steps in creating the Yoyo Lip Gloss product line.Since no other product of this kind exists on the market, first, new molds were created in order to fabricate the Yoyo retractable reels and lip gloss tubes. Next, the goal was to create a prestige comparable formula for young girls that has delicious flavors and uses safe, high quality ingredients that could be sold at mass market prices.This was accomplished by finding chemist, Nick Morante, who has 30 years experience working with Estée Lauder.

After the formula was complete, the products were tested by SGS, a testing company. “Since our formula is of high quality, most ingredients are not readily available in China, therefore, we ship them from the U.S.,” noted Ms. Parlionas about her formulations.

Then the brand initiated a market test. This was accomplished by creating various versions of the product including packaging, formula and in store display variations. Mass production was started and the first shipment was received in December 2007. The product was distributed not only to stores in over 21 states but to thousands of young girls.

“We carefully noted retail and end consumer comments and suggestions,” said Ms. Parlionas. “For example, many girls favored the less thick formula, small stores requested smaller display cases and large retailers demanded an entire product line for placement.

“Using this feedback, I went back to the drawing board, tweaked the product and listened to what customers were requesting and proceeded to create the entire product line.”

By spring 2010, Yoyo Lip Gloss is set to conquer the beauty market with an SPF-infused retractable lip balm, blush, eye shadow and nail polish—further expanding Ms. Parlionas’ vision of wearable cosmetics. Which goes to show, as with a yo-yo, if you put the effort out there, the prize will come back to you.

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