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SCC Annual Meeting Overview

December 23, 2009

Jachowicz earns Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award.

The 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting and Technology Showcase was held on December 10th and 11th at the New York Hilton.While there was a slight decrease in participation from previous years, the Annual Scientific Meeting’s success continued with informative presentations, exceptional posters, wonderful luncheons and the introduction of two new awards! The Suppliers Cocktail Reception was shortened and started earlier but still included plenty of food! The Technology Showcase ran for two days close to 60 companies presenting a total of 83 posters. The Annual Meeting continues to be a huge event for the Cosmetic Industry!Complete coverage of the scientific sessions will be published in the January issue of Happi. For now, here are some of the highlights.
From left, Dr. Bob Bianchini, Dr. Janusz Jachowicz, the 2009 Maison de Navarre Medal Award recipient and Gary Agisim, 2009 SCC president.
At the Thursday Awards Luncheon, the presentation of the Maison G. de Navarre Medal Award, the Society’s highest honor, was presented to Janusz Jachowicz, Ph.D.Dr. Jachowicz was introduced by Dr. Robert Bianchini from Schering Plough Healthcare, before Gary Agisim, 2009 SCC President, presented the award. Dr. Jachowicz was most gracious in his acceptance of this award and was so pleased that his research was recognized in receiving this most prestigious honor. At the Friday luncheon, James Akerson received the Society’s Merit Award for his outstanding service and leadership in Society activities spanning close to 50 years including being the Society’s 47th president.

The Committee on Scientific Affairs and its 2009 Chair, Mindy Goldstein, Ph.D., arranged the technical sessions. The program was as follows:

Craig Frischling from Ruger Chemical with Dr. Ricardo Diez of Chanel, the Keynote Award Lecturer.
Session A (Sunscreens) was moderated by Dr. Goldstein. Presentations were made by Craig Bonda (The HallStar Company) entitled "Improving Sunscreen Photostability by Quenching the Singlet Excited State;” Howard Epstein, Ph.D. (EMD Chemicals, Inc.) entitled “Reduction of Dermal UV Filter Uptake in Skin and Boosting In Vivo SPF/UVA Using Encapsulate Technology and Focused Formulation Strategy” andPascal Delrieu, Ph.D. (Kobo Products, Inc.) entitled "Non-Nano Zinc Oxide." The 2009 Frontiers of Science Award Lecturer was Nadrian Seeman, Ph.D. (New York University). Dr. Seeman’s post doctoral studies emphasized nucleic acid and crystallography. He has over 240 published papers and has received numerous awards. He gave an excellent presentation based on his experience entitled "DNA: Not Merely the Secret of Life."

On Thursday afternoon, Session B (Modeling and Data Assessment) was moderated by Martha Tate, Ph.D. (Kimberly-Clark Corporation). Featured presentations were made by George Fitzgerald, Ph.D. (Accelrys, Inc.) entitled "Advanced Regression Models for Soap Reformulation;” James Hayward, Ph.D. (Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.) entitled "Employing DNA to Authenticate the Botanical Origin of Ingredients Used in Cosmetics and Toiletries;" David Boudier (Silab) entitled "Characterization of the Complexion Radiance by Sensory and Instrumental Analysis: Differences Observed Between Populations’ Classes;" and Dominik Imfeld, Ph.D. (DSM Nutritional Products, Ltd.) entitled "How the Potent Snake Venom of the Temple Viper Served as Biomimetic Design Model for a Treatment of Skin Wrinkles."

Dr. Rodolphe Korichi, LVMH (left) receives the 2009 Allan Black Award from Stuart Axelrod of Presperse.
Session C (Skin Biology) on Friday morning was moderated by Randy Wickett, Ph.D. (University of Cincinnati). Featured presentations included Karl Lintner, Ph.D. (Sederma) entitled "Genetic Response of Human Adipocytes to External Stimuli: High Specificity as Revealed by Detailed DNA Array Analysis and Lipid Storage Modulation in a 3D Hypodermis Model;"Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Ph.D. (Induchem AG) entitled "Natural Ingredients Used as “Precursors” of Biochemical Reactions to Boost the Defense and Repairing Mechanisms in Skin: A Novel and Safe Approach to Treat Anti-Aging;” Douglas Hoffman (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) entitled “Confocal Raman Studies of Stratum Corneum Biochemistry as a Function of Climate;” Isabelle Imbert (ISP Vincience) entitled “The Light on Key Regulator Proteins in Cellular Mitosis and Adult Epidermal Stem Cell Differentiation” and David Boudier (Silab) entitled “Tight Junctions and Flow of Lipids: New Cosmetic Targets for Restoring the Skin Barrier Function.”
Session D (Formulations Fundamentals), also on Friday morning was moderated by Robert Lochhead, Ph.D. (University of Southern Mississippi). This session included the Keynote Award Lecture sponsored by Ruger Chemical which was presented by Ricardo Diez, Ph.D. (Chanel, Inc.). His presentation was entitled “A Review of the Progress of Foaming Cleansing Products During the Last Fifty Years.”Additional featured presentations were made by Melanie Urdiales (New Phase Technologies) entitled “Hyperbranched Polyalphaolefins Improve Shine, Durability and Stability of Color Cosmetic Formulations;” Rebecca Peevers (Croda Europe) entitled “Novel Data on the Impact of White Base Ingredients Choice in Meeting the Performance Brief for Lipstick Formulations;” Lisa Flugge-Berendes, Ph.D. (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) entitled “Hand Sanitizer Formulations with Improved Moisturization” and T. Joseph Lin, Ph.D. entitled “Low-Energy Emulsification, VII: Improving Emulsion Quality by Controlling Phase-Inversion and Reducing Energy Application.”

Dr. Trefor Evans receives the Shaw Mudge Award from Colleen Rocafort of BASF.
Session F (Hair Color) was the last session on Friday afternoon. Jim Vlasic (Greenway Research Lab) was the Moderator. Timothy Gao, Ph.D. (Croda, Inc.) gave a presentation entitled “Enhancing Dye Penetration and Color Development in Liquid Oxidative Hair Dye Formulations.” Other presentations were made by Donald Havery (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) entitled “Cosmetic Color Additives: An Overview and Common Misunderstandings;” Renee Bolden, Ph.D. (Procter & Gamble) entitled “Visualization of Hair Combing Friction Utilizing Thermal Imaging” and Jon Kiplinger (Rhodia, Inc.) entitled “A Study of the Influence of Surfactants on Hair Color Fading.”

Technology Showcase

The Technology Showcase ran for both days again this year providing attendees more opportunity to visit the posters and the presenters more time to discuss their findings.It was well received by all attendees and provided great opportunities for the exhibitors. The 83 posters offered the latest in technological advances in the cosmetic industry. The Society also tried to have specific time allotted for individuals to attend without missing any oral presentations. In addition, the Supplier Cocktail Reception began immediately at the end of the Showcase on Thursday. Some additional changes are being looked into for next year to give poster presenters more opportunity to discuss their posters with attendees.

Awards Galore

The Society was pleased to present the Shaw Mudge Award sponsored by BASF Corporation to Trefor Evans, Ph.D. (TRI Princeton) for his paper entitled "Quantifying Differences in the Propensity for Breakage in Afro and Caucasian Hair."This award recognizes the Best Paper presented at the 2009 Annual Scientific Seminar.

The Allan B. Black Award sponsored by Presperse, LLC was presented to Rodolphe Korichi, Ph.D., Delphine Pelle-De-Queral, Germaine Gazano and Arnaud Aubert (LVMH Recherche) for their paper entitled "Why Women Use Makeup: Implication of Psychological Traits in Makeup Functions."This award recognizes the Best Paper on Makeup Technology either presented at the previous Annual Scientific Meeting or Seminar or published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. This paper was published in the Journal, Volume 59, Number 2.

The Hans A. Schaeffer Award sponsored by Arch Personal Care Products was presented to Renee Bolden, Ph.D., Dirk Domaschko, Julie Lubbers, Jeni Thomas, Ph.D., Mark Brown, Marge Peffly, Ph.D. and Yujun Li, Ph.D. (Procter & Gamble) for their paper entitled "Flow Cell Microscopy: A Novel Method to Visualize Product Deposition on Hair." This award recognizes the most innovative paper presented before the membership at either the previous Annual Meeting or the May Seminar. This presentation was made at the 2009 Annual Scientific Seminar.

The Joseph P. Ciaudelli Award sponsored by Croda, Inc. was presented to Yin Hessefort, Brian Holland and Richard Cloud (Nalco Company) for their paper entitled "True Porosity Measurement of Hair: A New Way to Study Hair Damage Mechanisms."This award recognizes the Best Article published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2008 on the subject of Hair Care Technology.
The first Des Goddard Award sponsored by Arch Personal Care Products was presented to Yan Zhou, Linda Foltis, David Moore, Ph.D., Ray Rigoletto, Solomon Wossene, Grisel Tumalle and Xin Qu (International Specialty Products) for their paper entitled “Characterization of Hair Damage and its Effects on Hair Color Fading and the Routes for Color Protection from Shampoo Stripping.” This award recognizes the Most Innovative Paper on the topic of Polymer Science related to Cosmetics or Personal Care presented at the previous Annual Scientific Meeting or Seminar or published in the Journal. This paper was presented at the 2009 Annual Scientific Seminar.

In addition, the first Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award sponsored by The HallStar Company was presented to Stacy Mundschau, Corey Cunningham, Ph.D. and Scott Wenzel for their paper entitled “SPF Retention via Silicone Derivatives.” This award recognizes the Best Paper that makes the greatest scientific contribution to the knowledge in the field of protecting against or ameliorating damage to human skin caused by exposure to UV radiation presented at the Annual Scientific Seminar. This paper was presented at the 2009 Annual Seminar.

Next year’s Scientific Meeting will be held December 9-10, 2010 at the New York Hilton.

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