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Viewing Self-Tanners in a New Light

By Nancy Jeffries, Correspondent | December 4, 2009

St. Tropez plans big launch for 2010.

One cosmetic area currently poised for growth is self-tanning, a boon to consumers who shun the sun. According to Michelle Feeney, CEO, St. Tropez, the self-tanning brand has launched a new range of formulas that provide an instant glow, as well as versatility. The concept has been generating consumer interest for the red carpet, social events, weddings, and a range of other occasions as it goes beyond the face to whole body healthy glow. Feeney, who notes the category is forecast to grow to 2013, emphasized the shift from sunbathing and tanning beds, to cosmetic, and alternatively, healthier means of attaining radiant looking, glowing skin.

“In Europe, as spa treatments move from spas into department stores, the tanning heritage has expanded and made inroads into skin finishing treatment,” said Feeney. “Whether it is in-spa or at-home, self-tanners are growing as customers turn to them for health reasons, as sun bathing and tanning beds are damaging to the skin. In addition, the younger market, including new moms and working moms entering the market, are seeking cosmetic alternatives to the sun.”

St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks.
Self-tanners can be transparent forms that gradually develop, wash-off products, instant tanners, and a range of bronzing products from which to choose. Going beyond the basics, there are now luxurious topical treatments for application, as well as removal, and a host of products with a variety of delivery options.

Michelle Feeney, CEO, St. Tropez, presents the new St. Tropez Skin Finishing products.

Instant Glow that Washes Off

St. Tropez Wash Off Face is a velvety smooth, tinted lotion that provides an even glow to the skin. It comes in a hydrating formula designed for daily use and may be used underneath foundation or on its own. The Wash Off collection offers “Quick Break” technology, for an even glow in a DHA-free formula. The finish is non-transferable and removes easily with soap and water. St. Tropez Wash Off Body is a hydrating lotion that delivers an instant tan, designed for the whole body. Also DHA-free, it contains moisturizers that enhance deposition onto the skin, is also non-transferable, and can be easily blended again, if it does get wet. Each product retails for $20.

St. Tropez Wash Off Mousse is a lightweight mousse that is quickly absorbed to give an instant glow and may be washed off quickly and easily. It provides a bronze glow, has a quick-drying finish, and retails for $20. For a sleek finish, skin may be prepared by lightly exfoliating with St. Tropez Body Polish; and contouring and highlighting effects may be achieved with St. Tropez Wash Off Shimmer Stick, a blend of natural waxes to hydrate skin and provide a shimmer finish, $20. The product may be used alone or over any Wash Off traditional self tan formula. All are designed for cosmetic application and do not contain sunscreens in the formulas.

Feeney notes that the products are becoming especially popular for events and special occasions where tanning may not be desired, but a quick, effective alternative provides the look of healthy glowing skin, without fuss or damage to the skin. According to Feeney, makeup artists creating television and celebrity makeup utilize self-tan effects for stars and in the movie business self-tan skin finishing experts are becoming more in demand.

St. Tropez Detox Formula.
“It’s almost like bespoke skin. We’ve blended tones for the runway and created customized looks for individuals. We are moving away from being a tanning brand to a skin care brand,” said Feeney.

She also highlighted St. Tropez Tan Detox, an innovative new formula designed to gently remove unwanted self-tan residue before new application. This skin finishing application brings skin back to its natural color, leaving it ready for a fresh application of tanner. Tan Detox is a blend of natural lavender and hazelnut oils, which hydrate the skin without residue, and when used with a gentle exfoliating cloth will gently remove unwanted self-tan. St. Tropez Tan Detox retails for $35 and may be applied by hand or by pouring two full caps into a hot bath, to soak away any residue. The range includes St. Tropez Tan Remover, $18, with exfoliating beads to gently remove unwanted tan; and St. Tropez Cleansing Wipes, $10 for 25 wipes, with green tea and chamomile extracts, to remove unwanted tan from delicate areas, such as underarms or knees.

The St. Tropez Cosmetics Collection is specifically designed for the face and offers three products, including a sheer bronzer, which is almost a wash, according to Feeney.

“It works with all different skin tones, is very natural, and doesn’t turn orange,” she said.

The line consists of Bronzing Rocks, $40, to dust over face and décolletage for a hint of color; Radiance Mousse, to enhance and highlight with subtle sheen, $35; and Bronzing Powder, designed to brighten color and add a subtle shimmer, $30. St. Tropez Bronzing Rocks, Radiance Mousse, and Bronzing Powder are available at select retailers and luxury spas, as well as:; and the new Wash Off Collection, as well as Tan Detox, will be available in the U.S. in March 2010.

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