I’m No Expert…

By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director | January 4, 2010

but I know where you can find one. Every day the editorial department gets dozens of calls from readers, other members of the press and financial types who are looking for some sort of information that may or may not have appeared in Happi. If we’ve published it, the staff is more than happy to help someone out.

The trickier questions come from formulators and entrepreneurs who are looking for expert guidance on one subject or another. Whenever possible, we steer the caller in the right direction. Now, we can point them (and you) to The Expert’s Opinion, a new feature on Happi.com. Over the past couple of months, we’ve invited industry experts from a range of fields including formulation, dermatology, entrepreneurialism, marketing and product development to provide insight into their particular area of expertise. Our roster of experts is growing steadily and so are the opinion pieces on our site. Be sure to check it out for some thought-provoking ideas that are sure to spark your own creativity. At the same time, we’ve added more breaking news and online features on a variety of subjects, so visit Happi.com on a regular basis.

We’re improving our website, but that doesn’t mean we’re neglecting our print product. This month, we unveil a logo and a new look for Happi. It’s been 10 years since our last redesign and it was clearly time for a facelift. Kudos to Art Director Mike Del Purgatorio and his team, including Jessica Carlin and Lisa Durr, for developing the new design.

We may have changed the look, but Happi’s focus remains the same. This month we report on the fascinating world of skin care delivery systems and the challenges facing formulators. Also, this month we look at the multibillion dollar laundry detergent category and some of the new products that are making waves. Finally, be sure to earn more about fragrance trends in the household cleaning sector.

New research tools, a new look and a new year. With the worst of the economic crisis behind us, the entire industry is ready to get growing again.

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