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Modern Love

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | January 12, 2010

Jovan is backing its new scent, Satisfaction, with a campaign that stays true to the brand�s heritage of using sex appeal to sell�this time with a modern twist.

In many ways, Jovan Musk proved the theory that sex sells. Some rather suggestive advertising helped propel this unknown fragrance to rock star status in the 1970s.Its creators were lauded for enlisting what was then considered rather provocative imagery and text to showcase the scent’s primary objective: help wearers find a mate. Print and TV spots resonated with free-lovin’ consumers, stirred up some controversy and ultimately helped sell a lot of perfume and cologne.

Fast-forward to February 2010:Jovan is ready to roll out two new scents under the Satisfaction banner—and will once again enlist love to drive in-store traffic and pique consumer interest. This time around, the plan includes the most modern of cupids: the internet

By partnering with dating website, Citysearch and American Greetings, Jovan has developed the “Satisfaction Guaranteed Toolkit,” an online widget will help consumers plan the perfect date, send out love notes, and even find that special someone. A supporting website will feature interactive videos and photo uploads that show consumers how Jovan Satisfaction will transform them.

“Jovan Satisfaction is taking the classic money back guarantee a step further, by not only guaranteeing product satisfaction, but also guaranteeing to improve our consumer's love life,” said Caroline Carter, marketing director for the Jovan brand.
A musky, modern floral, Jovan Satisfaction for Women combines a mix of mango, pear and warm vanilla created by Françoise Caron of Takasago. Satisfaction for Men is a modern oriental created by Domitille Bertier and Juliette Karagueuzoglou of IFF.
“We’re also doing a great deal of social media outreach to help introduce this new Jovan Satisfaction scent,” Carter continued. “Bloggers are some of the biggest influencers in the consumer arena for beauty products, their product reviews and comments about a product really resonate with other like-minded consumers.”

Bloggers should help generate some much-needed buzz among younger shoppers. Despite the success Jovan enjoyed throughout the 1970s, the brand’s launch activity slowed considerably thereafter. And while there have been some high-profile sponsorships—ala the Rolling Stones’ Tatoo You tour in 1981—today’s youth are at least a generation removed from Jovan’s biggest endeavors.In fact, when Jovan Black for Men and Women rolled out last year, it marked the end of a17-year launch drought for the company.

Still, Jovan has proved it has staying power—even in the celebrity driven mass fragrance sector. While Jovan Musk for Women and Jovan Musk for Men fell 7.7% and 13.14%, respectively, at supermarkets, drug stores and mass outlets (excluding Walmart) for the 52 weeks ended Sept. 30, 2009, both were in the top 10 in their categories, according to Information Resources, Inc., Chicago.

With back-to-back launches and this new campaign it appears Coty is ready to make Jovan more relevant than retro going forward.

“Entering the social media space is a perfect way for Jovan Satisfaction to connect to the younger consumers and keep the brand modern.” Carter told Happi. “Based on the brand's continued success, Coty felt it was time to introduce the Jovan name to a younger audience. Jovan Black and now Jovan Satisfaction offer a modern interpretation on Jovan's core values.”

Coty has tapped Robin Leedy & Associates, a Mount Kisco, NY-agency to handle Jovan, including integrated social media and PR campaigns for Jovan Satisfaction.

The new campaign and the new fragrances have a lot to live up to as the Jovan stable has garnered its fare share of FiFis, including best national advertising campaign honors in 1975 and 1978.