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By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | April 28, 2010

Juice Beauty expands into the color cosmetics category.

A lot of new things are happening at Juice Beauty, a San Rafael, CA-based organic skin care marketer. The brand recently sponsored Aspen’s second-ever fashion week in Colorado, where models sported Juice Beauty’s newest innovation—a color cosmetics collection on shelves this summer. The new line features facial SKUs such as correcting concealers, liquid foundations and finishing powders, which debut this month; with lipglosses to follow in July and eyeshadows to roll out in September.

Juice Beauty Founding Partner Karen Behnke, took time to chat with HAPPI about the company’s foray into the cosmetic category:

HAPPI: Why did you decide to brand out into color cosmetics?

KB: It was a natural extension from skin care since our products are actually great for your skin! They are authentically organic with gorgeous colors, textures and aromas. Also, we had various consultants that were formerly with Bare Escentuals and other leading color brands working with us to help on the textures of our powders and on the general positioning of our new color collection.

HAPPI: In a challenging economy, where do you see opportunity in the cosmetics

Kate Watson, Juice Beauty account executive and makeup artist, works with the new products on a model.
KB: The economy has been challenging but Juice Beauty is doing very well. We have grown significantly in department stores throughout Asia; we’ve had double digit same store sales growth in Whole Foods and Pharmacas; and we’ve done well in Sephora …so it was time for a brand extension and we have figured out how to have extremely high color payoff while being authentically organic.

HAPPI: What ingredients are key to your new cosmetics range and why?

KB: We used the following ingredients because they are rich in antioxidants and color. They are authentically organic, meeting the California Organic Products Act that dictates a minimum of 70% (as opposed to 10% Ecocert and other standards):

• Organic antioxidant rich blend of acai, goji berry, grape, blueberry, pomegranate, raspberry, kiwi, cranberry and strawberry.

• Replenishing organic skin care base of organic aloe juice, plant oils, fatty acids and fruit extracts.

• Airbrushed powder finish with organic aloe, tapioca, bamboo and mineral finishing powders.

• Brilliant mineral colors with mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, and ultramarine.
A new range of color cosmetics powered by Juice.
HAPPI: What color stories do you see big for the season and why?

KB: Well, we feel the biggest story is the lasting one...great products, great efficacy, great colors, great lasting power, rich color that actually feeds your skin…all being authentically organic and “EcoChic.”

HAPPI: What is the distribution of the new cosmetics and why did you pick these

KB: Our first color cosmetics brick and mortar retail partner in the U.S. is Pharmaca wellness pharmacies for several reasons ( The Pharmaca customer is looking to be beautiful but without health compromise so they are the perfect customer for us. Our first online partner, other than, will be We have enjoyed a long relationship with them and they will really be able to tell the story and show our products so that they jump off the page. Additionally, our products will ship internationally to Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford, Siam Paragon and all the major department stores in Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

HAPPI: Overall, how are your cosmetics different from others in the marketplace?

KB: Organically grown “ColorCare” for the healthiest complexion on earth; infused with mineral color and enhanced with nourishing ingredients your skin will crave. Also, these products go perfectly with our existing skin care collection. For instance, using the SPF Light or Medium Tint Moisturizer topped off with our new Refining Finishing Powder for an amazing glowing finish. Also, we will now have a Blemish Clearing Powder for our bestselling Organics to Clear Skin regimen and kits.These products will be fabulous finishers to our skin care collection.

More info: Juice Beauty

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