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July 16, 2010

University of Oregon student wins CAPCO video contest.

Tyler Short, a 19-year-old student at the University of Oregon is the winner of the Consumer Aerosol Products Council's (CAPCO) first video contest. Short's video (shown here) features a cleverly animated aerosol can that humorously stretches, poses and dances while providing information about aerosol products.

CAPCO sponsored the contest to tap into the creative talent of today’s video-savvy society in the organization’s continuing efforts to use the electronic media to inform people about aerosol products.

Chris Wetzel of Cleveland, OH, won second place, and David Molina of Huntington Beach, CA, placed third. Entries were judged on creativity, humor, motivational effectiveness and production quality. Winners will receive prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250, and the winning videos can be seen onYou Tube.

“CAPCO wanted to use the contest to remind people that today’s aerosol products provide unique benefits that improve the quality of life,” said CAPCO Chairman Joe Bowen.“The winning videos use humor and clever graphics to deliver a good mix of technical and environmental information in a very entertaining way.”

In addition to humor, Short’s video contains a brief description of the technology used in aerosol cans and environmental information about aerosol products. Wetzel’s second place video features clever graphics and a multiple-choice quiz to emphasize that aerosol products have not contained CFCs for more than 30 years.In his third place video, Molina begins with an ominous voice proclaiming the popular myth that aerosols are bad for the environment, but quickly uses accurate information to correct the misperception. At the end of the video the narrator, who turns out to be a frog, proclaims that: “Today’s aerosol products aretoad…ily cool.”

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