Beauty Ingredients Directory

September 15, 2010

Suppliers share ingredient offerings suitable for both topical and oral formulations.

Contact: Stan Wojnicki
Telephone: 800-238-0001
Fax: 508-872-1566
E-mail: info@aicma.com
Website: www.aicma.com
Beauty Ingredients: Avobenzone USP; benzophenone-3 (oxybenzone USP) and benzophenone-4 Sulisobenzone USP; octyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate USP); titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (powder and dispersions); sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid, sodium salt); PleraSan (beta-1,3/1,6- D-glucan); natural colors; natural preservatives (nisin, natamycin, and polylysine); botanical extracts (Ecocert certified); vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and others)

Contact: Joseph Campis
Telephone: 908-753-4448
Fax: 908-753-1917
E-mail: sales@info-asi.net
Website: www.info-asi.net
Beauty Ingredients: Natural caffeine (extracted from coffee beans and green tea); maca root powdered extract

Contact: Jeff Barrie
Telephone: 603-352-0650
Fax: 800-733-6290
E-mail: jeff@aloecorp.com
Website: www.aloecorp.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, aloe vera powder, aloe vera concentrates

Arista Industries, Inc.
Contact: Mary Ann Siciliano
Telephone: 203-761-1009 x316
Fax: 203-761-4980
E-mail: info@
Website: www.aristaindustries.com
Beauty Ingredients:Almond oil; apricot kernel oil; avocado oil; cherry kernel oil; fruit oils—cranberry, black raspberry and red raspberry seed; GLA oils—evening primrose, black currant and borage; grape seed oil; jojoba oil; macadamia nut oil; olive oil

Aroma New Zealand Ltd
Contact: Ben Winters
Telephone: 64-33-899-005
Fax: 64-33-899-095
E-mail: aroma@aromanz.com
Website: www.aromanz.com
Beauty Ingredients: New Zealand green lipped mussel oil; marine collagen peptides

B&D Nutritional Ingredients
Contact: Michael Sodaro/
Susie Hays
Telephone: 800-546-6113
Fax: 760-597-9333
E-mail: m_sodaro@
bdnutritional.com; s_hays@bdnutritional.com
Website: www.bdnutritional.com
Beauty Ingredients: KonaRed coffee fruit; Decanox natural mixed tocopherols; Novasoy soy isoflavones; Cardio Aid phytosterols; Novatol natural-source vitamin E; rice tocotrienols; TPGS vitamin E; MegaNatural grape seed and skin; FloraGLO lutein; CaroCare natural beta-carotene

Contact: Mark Sysler
Telephone: 631-231-5522
Fax: 631-231-7332
E-mail: msysler@
Website: www.bio-botanica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Puresterol, Biopein, Neopein, Suprapein, super fruit blend

BioCell Technology, LLC
Contact: Toni Dizon
Telephone: 714-632-1231
Fax: 714-632-5866
E-mail: toni@biocelltechnology.com
Website: www.biocelltechnology.com
Beauty Ingredients: BioCell Collagen II (ingestible grade); BioCell Collagen II CG-WS (cosmetic grade)

Contact: Larry Maroni
Telephone: 321-254-3444
Fax: 321-254-3444
E-mail: sales@biochemica.com
Website: www.biochemica.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cocoa butter (also available in USDA organic grade); cupuaçu butter; illipe butter; kokum butter; mango butter; murumuru butter; palm butter (USDA certified organic); shorea (sal) butter; shea butter (also available in USDA organic grade); tucuma butter

Contact: Benoit Nicol
Telephone: 201-325-8733
E-mail: benoit.nicol@
Website: www.biolandes.com
Beauty Ingredients: Essential oils, absolutes, natural extracts, organic ingredients
Burgundy Botanical extracts
Contact: Roux Emmanuel
Telephone: 33-3-85-23-93-83
Fax: 33-3-85-23-93-89
E-mail: burgundy.france@
Beauty Ingredients: Botany Select GLA18; Botany Select PGL; Botany Select Madecassoside 95%; Botany Grape; Botany White tea; Botany Ginkgo CG; Botany Fluid W rose; Botany Fluid HG Chamomile; Botany Floral Water Organic Grape; Botany Fluid Aloe Vera

Campo Research
Contact: Dr. Balasubramaniam
Telephone: 65-6383-3203/3631
Fax: 65-6383-4034
E-mail: bala@
Website: www.campo-research.com
Beauty Ingredients: Campo Songyi Mushroom; Campo Kinetin; Campo Pearl Extract; Campo Alpha Lipoic Acid; Campo DMAE; Campo Plantservative; Campo Siddha Medico-Colors; Campo Neem Oil; Campo Coffee Oil; Campo Fruit Enzymes

Centerchem, Inc
Contact: Tom Kovats
Telephone: 203-822-9800
Fax: 203-822-9820
E-mail: cosmetics
Website: www.centerchem.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aloe vera Gel-Eco, Apple-Eco, Lemon- Eco, Orange Waterjuice-Eco, Edelweiss-Eco, Acai-Eco, Gladback, Zirhafirm, Noline, Provislim, Voluplus, Pronalen HS, Energen, Regu-Stretch, Regu-Cea, ABI Complex AO, Xpertmoist, Peelmoist, Preventhelia, Tego Cosmo LSG, Tego Galanga, Goji ECO, Coffee ECO, Drenalip, Vitasource, AuraSphere, Petalatum, Organza

Chemyunion Quimica
Contact: Josely Muranaka
Telephone: 55-11-2173-0103
Fax: 55-11-2173-0100
E-mail: josely@
Beauty Ingredients: Bioskinup Contour; Slimbuster L&H; hair phytopigments; Energilium; Chemysoap; Hidrahair O2; Activespheres VIT C PMg; Relievene SK; Aquasense; Ecobidens; Ecophysalis

Cognis Nutrition & Health
Contact: Sharrann Simmons
Telephone: 800-673-3702
Fax: 513-482-5516
E-mail: cognis.custserv@
Website: www.cognis.com/company/Businesses/Nutrition+and+Health
Beauty Ingredients: Tonalin CLA (conjugated linoleic acid); Xangold natural lutein esters; Omevital omega 3; Betatene natural beta-carotene; Covitol natural vitamin E; Plantalin botanicals

Croda Inc.
Contact: Cara Eaton
Telephone: 732-417-0800
Fax: 732-417-0804
E-mail: marketing-usa@
Website: www.crodausa.com
Beauty Ingredients: RevitElix, RevitElix Nutra

Cyvex Nutrition
Contact: Matt Phillips
Telephone: 949-622-9030
Fax: 949-622-9033
E-mail: sales@cyvex.com
Website: www.cyvex.com
Beauty Ingredients: AppleZin; BerryVin high ORAC berry blend powder; BioVin full spectrum red grape extract; BioVin Advanced, French red wine grape extract; CranLife cranberry extract; Euro Black Currant; Lingonol lingonberry extract; PomActiv pomegranate extract; PhytoTropic superfruit antioxidant blend; Q-Vida quebracho extract

Dr. Paul Lohmann
Contact: Patrick Stano
Telephone: 631-851-8810
Fax: 631-851-8815
E-mail: p.stano@
Website: www.lohmann-inc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aluminum lactate, calcium acetate, magnesium carbonate, magnesium lactate, potassium hydrogen oxalate, (mono-/di-/tri-) sodium citrate USP, sodium glycerophosphate, (di-) sodium succicinate, strontium acetate, zinc acetate

Draco Natural Products
Contact: Mike Irwin
Telephone: 408-287-7871
Fax: 408-287-8838
E-mail: info@dracoherbs.com
Website: www.dracoherbs.com
Beauty Ingredients: Sea buckthorn oil; pomegranate seed oil; sanguisorba officinalis extract; Japanese elm (Ulmus davidiana) extract; organic green tea extract; organic goji berry extract; Sophora flavescens extract; TriniTea extract; white water lily extract; blue honeysuckle berry extract

DSM Nutritional Products
Contact: Caroline Brons
Telephone: 973-257-8042
Fax: 973-257-8592
E-mail: caroline.brons@dsm.com
Website: www.unlimitednutrition-na.com
Beauty Ingredients: Vitamins, carotenoids, antioxidants, nutritional lipids, specialty nutrients, custom beauty blends

Fenchem Biotek Ltd.
Contact: Tina Yao
Telephone: 86-25-84574708
Fax: 86-25-84574987
E-mail: sales@fenchem.com
Website: www.fenchem.com
Beauty Ingredients: HyaMax sodium hyaluronate; Tocovet natural vitamin E; polyguaternium, PVP, DL-Pathenol; silicone oil; Nano TiO2 and Nano ZNO; benzophenone derivatives; amino acid based surfactant, carbomer

Flavex Naturextrakte GmbH
Contact: K.-W. Quirin
Telephone: 49-6835-9195-0
Fax: 49-6835-9195-95
E-mail: info@flavex.com
Website: www.flavex.com
Beauty Ingredients: Chamomile CO2-extract; Chia Seed CO2-extract 60%; omega 3 linoleic acid; Curcuma longa (turmeric) CO2-extract 50% turmerones; ginger CO2-extract; millet seed CO2-extract; pomegranate seed CO2-extract 60% punicic acid; rosemary extract 13% carnosic acid; schisandra CO2-extract;
seabuckthorn pulp CO2-extract 28% palmitoleic acid; soy germ CO2-extract 6% phytosterols

Frutarom USA Inc.
Contact: Laurent Leduc
Telephone: 612-802-6124
Fax: 201 861-8711
E-mail: info@us.frutarom.com
Website: www.frutarom.com
Beauty Ingredients: Alguard (from red algae); Z-Care (proprietary blend of botanical extracts); LinumLife (flax extract); Collactive (marine collagen and elastin); Protein M (marine cartilage); Pink Rock Rose; TopicPure green tea; TopicPure pumpkin seed; TopicPure soy; TopicPure olive leaf

Fuji Health Science, Inc.
Contact: Joseph Kuncewitch
Telephone: 609-386-3030
Fax: 609-386-3033
E-mail: contact@fujihealthscience.com
Website: www.fujihealthscience.com
Beauty Ingredients: AstaREAL L10 (astaxanthin extract oil); AstaREAL P2AF (astaxanthin extract powder); TocoTrol L50P (tocotrienols oil); TocoTrol P30 (tocotrienols powder)

Ganeden Biotech, Inc.
Contact: Julia Boyd
Telephone: 440-229-5200
Fax: 440-229-5240
E-mail: info@ganedenlabs.com
Website: www.ganedenlabs.com
Beauty Ingredients: GanedenBC30 and Bacillus ferment

Gencor Nutrients, Inc.
Contact: Arvind Srinivasan
Telephone: 714-870-8723
Fax: 732-875-0306
E-mail: arvind@gencorpacific.com
Website: www.gencorpacific.com
Beauty Ingredients: Cleargen for acne-prone skin; Gentone for skin care; Slimaluma for weight management and cellulite

Grant Industries
Contact: Thomas Hrubec
Telephone: 201-791-6700
Fax: 201-791-2887
E-mail: thrubec@grantinc.com
Website: www.grantinc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Granactive Retinoid, hydroxypinacolone retinoate (vitamin-A); Granactive Acne, oligopeptide-10; InvisaSkin Matrix Rebuilder-O; Granactive AR-1423, tetrapeptide-14; Grant-X, GABA elastomer blend; Gransil SIW-HA, vegetable derived sodium hyaluronate delivered via silicone in water dispersion; Granpowder lumiere, encapsulated diamond core complex

Contact: Laura Bo/Giada Maramaldi
Telephone: 39-2-574961
Fax: 39-02-57496374
E-mail: laura.bo@indena.com; giada.maramaldi@indena.com
Website: www.indena.com
Beauty Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba dimeric flavonoids Phytosome (vasokinetic, lipolytic); Opextan UV protectant; Escin beta-sitosterol Phytosome; Ruscogenins (vasokynetic); Zanthalene; Centella asiatica (dermodensifier); Visnadine (vasokinetic); Silymarin Phytosome (UV protectant); Esculoside (vasoactive, anticellulite); ginkgo biloba terpenes Phytosome (soothing, anti-irritant)

InterHealth Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Contact: Marlen Otten
Telephone: 707-751-2800
Fax: 707-751-2801
E-mail: info@interhealthusa.com
Website: www.interhealthusa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Optiberry berry extract; L-OptiZinc methionine-bound zinc

jeen International Corporation
Contact: Adam Perle
Telephone: 973-439-1401
Fax: 973-439-1402
E-mail: info@jeen.com
Website: www.jeen.com
Beauty Ingredients: JEESPERSE CPW-2 (polyethylene, sodium polyacrylate); JEESPERSE CPW-EW1LP (stearic acid, ceteareth-20, cetyl steryl alcohol); JEESPERSE CPW-BC (cocoa butter PPP, yellow beeswax, sodium polyacrylate); JEESPERSE CPW-S (sunflower wax, sodium polyacrylate); JEESPERSE CPW-GCS (sodium polyacrylate, glyceryl stearate, stearic acid, glycol stearate, PEG-100 stearate, cetearyl alcohol); JEELUX DMIPIS (isopropyl isostearate, dimethicone, bis-vinyl dimethicone/dimethicone copolymer); JEESILC C (isododecane, L-ascorbic acid, dimethicone crosspolymer-3); JEESILC PS-DMBF (dimethicone, bis-vinyl dimethicone/dimethicone copolymer); JEESILC PS-VHBF (isododecane, bis-vinyl dimethicone/dimethicone copolymer); JEENATE 3H (polyethylene)

Kemin Health
Contact: Heather Richardson
Telephone: 888-248-5040
Fax: 515-248-4051
E-mail: heather.richardson@kemin.com
Website: www.kemin.com/nutraceuticals
Beauty Ingredients: FloraGLO lutein

Kyowa Hakko USA
Contact: Leo Cullen
Telephone: 212-319-5353
Fax: 212-421-1283
E-mail: info@kyowa-usa.com
Website: www.kyowa-usa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lumistor L- hydroxyproline (oral and topical use); acetyl-hydroxyproline (topical use only); Panadoxine P (topical use only)

Contact: Bruno Baudet
Telephone: 919-620-6767
Fax: 919-620-9575
E-mail: info@lalilab.com
Website: www.lalilab.com
Beauty Ingredients: Ingredients for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging; anti-inflammatory/soothing agents; antioxidants; botanicals; active chemicals; herbal extracts; lightening/whitening agents; plant extracts; sun screen agents; vitamins/vitamin complexes

Lebermuth Company, Inc.
Contact: Robert Brown
Telephone: 574-259-7000 x2219
Fax: 574-258-7459
E-mail: rbrown@lebermuth.com
Website: www.lebermuth.com
Beauty Ingredients:Essential oils; fragrances

Contact: Don Stanek
Telephone: 610-253-7950
Fax: 610-253-7970
E-mail: dstanek@
Website: www.linnea-
Beauty Ingredients: Ginkgo biloba EPG 246; Centella asiatica; HMRlignan; vinpocetine; 5-HTP; red clover; bilberry 25; silymarin

Lipo Chemicals, Inc.
Contact: Melissa Frischling
Telephone: 973-345-8600
Fax: 973-345-8365
E-mail: salesandmarketing@lipochemicals.com
Website: www.lipochemicals.com
Beauty Ingredients: Actives and treatments; polymers and powders; exfoliants; emollients, emulsifiers and solubilizers; waxes; viscosity modifiers and stabilizers; preservatives; humectants; delivery systems

Lonza Inc.
Telephone: 800-365-8324
E-mail: cotact.allendale@
Website: www.lonza.com
Beauty Ingredients: Laracare A200 galactoarabinan; Natrulon RC-100 L-Carnitine; Natrulon H-10 polyglycerol; Polyaldo polyglycerol esters; Geogard ultra preservative (gluconolactone and sodium benzoate); Geogard 111 preservative (dehydroacetic acid); Geogard 221 preservative (dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol); Glydant preservatives (DMDM hydantoin); Glydant plus liquid preservatives (DMDM Hydantoin & IPBC); Glycacil preservatives (IPBC)

LycoRed Corp.
Contact: David Djerassi
Telephone: 973-882-0322
Fax: 973-882-0323
E-mail: info@lycored.us.com
Website: www.lycored.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lyc-O-Mato 6% (natural tomato extract, 6% lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, tocotrienol, beta-carotene;); Lyc-O-Mato XP (cosmetic grade); Lyc-O-Lutein 20%; Lyc-O-Rose 4% oil; Lyc-O-Rose 20% powder; Tomat-O-Red 2% SG; Tomat-O-Red 10% CWD; Lyc-O-Beta 30% oil suspension; Lyc-O-Beta 2% SG; Tocotrienol; encapsulated omega 3 oils

Mushroom Wisdom
Contact: Randy Zwingil
Telephone: 973-470-0010
Fax: 973-470-0017
E-mail: randy.z@mushroomwisdom.com
Website: www.mushroomwisdom.com
Beauty Ingredients: Tremella mushroom powder; GMX Fraction (Tremella mushroom extract); Tremella supplement; Aquamella paraben-free skin cream

Natural Health Science
Contact: Alessandro Laiolo
Telephone: 201-459-0300
Fax: 201-459-0055
E-mail: info@pycnogenol.com
Website: www.pycnogenol.com
Beauty Ingredients: Pycnogenol (French maritime pine bark extract)

Natural Sourcing, LLC
Contact: Jay Basu
Telephone: 800-340-0080;
Fax: 203-702-2501
E-mail: info@
Website: www.naturalsourcing.com
Beauty Ingredients: Tomato seed oil; berry seed oils (cranberry, red raspberry, pomegranate); marula oil; black cumin seed oil; karanja oil; nilotica shea butter; organic beeswax; vegetable squalene

Neptune Technologies
& Bioressources Inc.
Telephone: 450-687-2262
Fax: 450-687-2272
E-mail: info@
Website: www.neptunebiotech.com
Beauty Ingredients: Neptune Krill Oil (NKO)

Norland Products
Contact: Richard Norland
Telephone: 609-395-1966
Fax: 609-395-9006
E-mail: rnorland@
Website: www.fintasticcollagen.com
Beauty Ingredients: Hydrolyzed fish collagen

Nutraceuticals International
Contact: Nichole DeBlock
Telephone: 201-796-4041
Fax: 201-796-4051
E-mail: nichole@nutraintl.com
Website: www.nutraintel.com
Beauty Ingredients: Rose flower, myrrh, orange peel, red sandal, hibiscus, henna, aloe vera, chamomile, green tea, amla, saffron

Nutra3 Complex/NutraFood Nutrients, Inc.
Contact: John Tobin
Telephone: 609-383-1112
Fax: 609-383-1097
E-mail: john@nutra3.com
Website: www.nutra3.com
Beauty Ingredients: NutraFood Nutrients whole food selenium, whole food SOD; whole food glutathione; whole food GTF chromium; whole food vitamins; whole food minerals; whole food amino acids; whole food lipids; whole food proteins

NutraGenesis LLC
Contact: Tiea Zehnbauer
Telephone: 802-257-5345
Fax: 802-251-6981
E-mail: tiea@nutragenesis.com
Website: www.nutragenesis.com
Beauty Ingredients: Sensara, Sendara, Wellberry

OptiPure Brand/Kenko International, Inc.
Contact Name: Ron Udell
Telephone: 800-934-3040;
Fax: 323-721-9600
Email: sales@optipure.com
Website: www.optipure.com
Beauty Ingredients: T-Phenol green tea extract; Gbe 24/6 ginkgo biloba extract; CafeVerdeX green coffee bean extract; VMA 25+ bilberry extract; alpha lipoic acid; Gravinol grape seed extract; CoQ10 powder; resveratrol; ChondrAIS shark cartilage

Orgenetics, Inc.
Contact: Dolly Maheshvari
Telephone: 714-575-0005
Fax: 510-743-4141
E-mail: dolly@orgenetics.com
Website: www.orgenetics.com
Beauty Ingredients: Orgen-CR, organic amla extract with bioflavonoids, vitamin
C and polyphenols; Orgen-P, organic pomegranate extract with high ORAC; Orgen-GT, organic decaffeinated green tea extract 90%, polyphenols with very high ORAC; organic albizia amara extract; organic aloe vera extract 200:1; organic bamboo extract 75% silica for nail and hair

PL Thomas
Contact: Paula Nürnberger
Telephone: 973-984-0900 x214
Fax: 973-984-5666
E-mail: plt@plthomas.com
Website: www.plthomas.com
Beauty Ingredients: Lipowheat natural ceramides; Nudremyl; SkinGest PSOR; Hytolive; MyraCetill; Glisodin; Biosecur

Premium Ingredients International
Contact: Lisa Drawer
Telephone: 630-868-0300
Fax: 630-868-0310
E-mail: sales@
Website: www.premiumingredients.com
Beauty Ingredients: Natural essential oils; natural aroma chemicals; aroma chemicals; Teawolf natural botanical extracts; licorice extracts; full range of vitamins; amino acids and preservatives

Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc.
Contact: Dean Mosca
Telephone: 519-647-2071
E-mail: dean@pnibrands.com
Website: www.celadrininfo.com
Beauty Ingredients: Celadrin cream, a proprietary blend of special fatty acids

Contact: René Guldimann
Telephone: 630-851-4220
Fax: 630-851-4863
E-mail: guldimannr@
Website: www.rahn-group.com

RITA Corporation
Contact: Bart Falco
Telephone: 815-337-2500
Fax: 815-337-2522
E-mail: info@ritacorp.com
Website: www.ritacorp.com

Rousselot SAS
Contact: Caroline Brochard-Garnier
Telephone: 33-1-46-67-87-00
Fax: 33-1-46-67-87-01
E-mail: rhc@rousselot.com
Website: www.rousselot-rhc.com
Beauty Ingredients: Peptan hydrolyzed collagen

Rovi Cosmetics Intl. GmbH
Contact: Dirk Teichmüller
Telephone: 49-6661-967636
Fax: 49-6661-967676
E-mail: dirk.teichmueller@
Website: www.rovicosmetics.de
Beauty Ingredients: Epiprotectyl UV; Vivendin; Aquafill; ProContour; Cerasome oxygen; Rovisome FEC; Rovisome retinol moist; Rovisome Q10

Sabinsa Corporation
Contact: Shaheen Majeed
Telephone: 732-777-1111
Fax: 732-777-1443
E-mail: shaheen@sabinsa.com
Website: www.sabinsa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Tetrahydrocurcuminoids
CG; Cosmoperine; Sabiwhite; Saberry; Boswellin CG; Cococin; sage extract;
coleus oil; Forslean 95%; Oxyresvenox

San Francisco Herb & Natural Food Company
Contact: Barry Meltzer
Telephone: 510-770-1215
Fax: 510-770-9021
E-mail: ap@herbspicetea.com
Website: www.herbspicetea.com
Beauty Ingredients: Botanical herbs, spices, teas

Sime Darby Bioganic
Contact: Zalina Hamid
Telephone: 603-31226302 x2263
Fax: 603-31220782
E-mail: zalina.hamid@
Website: www.gold-trie.com
Beauty Ingredients: Tocotrienols (natural vitamin E); pink guava granules (scrub/exfoliant)

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Contact: Steve Holtby
Telephone: 800- 360-7484 (SGTI); 323-726-0700
Fax: 323-726-7065
Email: sales@soft-gel.com
Website: www.soft-gel.com
Beauty Ingredients: Alpha lipoic acid softgels; antioxidant cocktail softgels; Cerenew; Injuv 9%; CoQsol; borage oil softgels; cod liver oil softgels; evening primrose oil softgels; squalene (99% pure) softgels; vitamin E softgels

Contact: Alex Shnaiderman
Telephone: 972-88632107
Fax: 972-88561455
E-mail: alex.shnaiderman@
Website: www.solbar.com
Beauty Ingredients: Solgen soy isoflavones

Southern Cross Botanicals Pty Ltd
Contact: Krisitn Busse
Telephone: 61-2-6687-8828
Fax: 61-2-6687-8737
E-mail: kristin.busse@
Website: www.scbotanicals.com.au/

Suan Farma Inc.
Contact: Miguel Vivas
Telephone: 201-343-1188/
Fax: 201-343-1102
E-mail: miguelvivas@
Website: www.suanfarma.com
Beauty Ingredients: Fernblock; vitamin E; coleus; alpha lipoic acid; olive leaf; licorice; boswella; turmeric; resveratrol; plant-based protein hydrolysates

Terry Laboratories, Inc.
Contact: Patrick Anderson
Telephone: 321-259-1630
Fax: 321-242-0625
E-mail: aloe@terrylabs.com
Website: www.terrylabs.com
Beauty Ingredients: Aloe vera gels, extracts and concentrates; shea butter

Top Health Ingredients
Contact: Kimmo Lucas
Telephone: 780-722-8367
E-mail: kimmol@shaw.ca
Beauty Ingredients: VitaFiber (prebiotic/isomalto oligosaccharide)

TSI Health Sciences, Inc
Contact: Larry Kolb
Telephone: 406-541-9754
Fax: 406-549-6139
E-mail: aashcraft@tsiinc.com
Website: www.tsiinc.com
Beauty Ingredients: PEAK ATP; Rusperin C; Selaginella (Amentoflavone)

Valensa International
Contact: Vincent Philip
Telephone: 352-357-2004
Fax: 352-483-2095
E-mail: v.philip@valensa.com
Website: www.valensa.com
Beauty Ingredients: Zanthin natural astaxanthin complex; Biovaderm; Parry organic spirulina; ChiaMax; Cranberol; lutein; Parry tomato lycopene

Contact: Sander Krupski
Telephone: 281-419-6050
Fax: 281-419-6049
E-mail: sales@zmc-usa.com
Website: www.zmc-usa.com
Beauty Ingredients: CoQ10; ubidecarenone; vitamin E; DL alpha tocopheryl acetate
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    That’s Awesome!

    May 2, 2016
    Extracts & Ingredients highlights the newest ideas in efficacious oils for the personal care market.

  • Wacker Builds on Its Success

    Wacker Builds on Its Success

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director ||May 2, 2016
    The silicone maker had a good 2015 and expects the gains to continue in 2016, driven, in part, by success in the Americas and

  • I Want It All

    I Want It All

    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor||May 2, 2016
    Skin care moves beyond the basics with pampering formulations with unique components and novel functions.

  • Erasing the Signs of Aging

    Pauline Rouaud-Tinguely, David Boudier, Sylvain Mazalrey, Jenny Laumonier, Isabelle Cruz, Gu00e9raldine Bon, Karine Perrinet, Bu00e9ranger Tassy, Brigitte Closs, Silab R&D, Saint-Viance, France||May 2, 2016
    Silab researchers explain how by acting on the endogenous hyaluronic acid pathway.

  • The Zika Threat

    The Zika Threat

    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor||April 1, 2016
    Concerns are spreading about transmission of this mosquito-borne disease.

  • The New Spot For Acne Care

    The New Spot For Acne Care

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director||April 1, 2016
    Acne Treatment Research Center opens in Morristown, NJ.

  • The Essence of Individuality

    The Essence of Individuality

    Melissa Meisel , Associate Editor||April 1, 2016
    Fragrance sales are fueled by unique facets.

  • The Scalp Microbiome

    The Scalp Microbiome

    Nava Dayan PhD, Dr. Nava Dayan LLC||April 1, 2016
    A review of recent findings and innovative approaches for treating scalp disorders.

  • Multi-Cultural Beauty Update

    Multi-Cultural Beauty Update

    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor||April 1, 2016
    Established brands and start-ups address the needs of multi-cultural beauty consumers.

  • Who Makes That?

    Who Makes That?

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director||April 1, 2016
    From concept and formulation to testing and filling, today’s contract manufacturers perform a range of services for marketers

  • Inspiring the Next Generation Of Personal Care Products

    Inspiring the Next Generation Of Personal Care Products

    March 1, 2016
    In-Cosmetics 2016 returns to Paris next month, April 12-14, 2016.

  • Playing Doctor

    Playing Doctor

    Christine Esposito, Associate Editor||March 1, 2016
    The OTC aisle offers a wide array of no-prescription-needed treatments.

  • Shielding Skin from Airborne Antagonists

    Shielding Skin from Airborne Antagonists

    Shyam Gupta, Ph.D., John Stanek and Melinda Wochner, Bioderm Research and CoValence Laboratories, Inc.||March 1, 2016
    The enemy, it seems, is all around us. Researchers explain how to alleviate damage caused by a variety of villains.

  • Makeup Magic

    Makeup Magic

    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor||March 1, 2016
    Sales get a lift from novel ingredients and endorsements from the likes of Gwen Stefani.

  • Feel the Burn?

    Feel the Burn?

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director||March 1, 2016
    Sun care product sales rise, but more must be done to make sure compliance rates grow.

  • New Sun Care Ingredients

    March 1, 2016
    Here is a list of new ingredients for sun care that have been introduced by industry suppliers during the past 12 months. For information regarding any of the products listed here, contact the supplier directly using the information provided.

  • Cleaning Up

    Cleaning Up

    Tom Branna, Editorial Director||March 1, 2016
    At the American Cleaning Institute’s 90th Annual Meeting & Industry Convention attendees work on regulatory issues and hammer out business deals.

  • Supply-Side Solutions

    Supply-Side Solutions

    Tom Branna , Editorial Director||March 1, 2016
    Executives from leading detergent industry suppliers sat down with Happi during the recent annual meeting of the American Cleaning Institute to discuss the problems, products and answers that are transforming the cleaning space.

  • Cleaning Industry Heads to Singapore

    Cleaning Industry Heads to Singapore

    March 1, 2016
    The World Conference on Fabric and Home Care, sponsored by the American Oil Chemists Society, will be held Oct. 4-7 in Singapore.

  • Electric Slide

    Electric Slide

    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor||February 3, 2016
    Skin care devices bring anti-aging to the next level

  • Crowning Glory

    Crowning Glory

    Christine Esposito , Associate Editor||February 3, 2016
    Celebrity stylists and experts from leading hair care brands talk about the ingredients and formats driving the styling sector.

  • Innovation On Display

    Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor||February 3, 2016
    P&G Beauty Digital Studio showcases new products for 2016

  • Testing for Sustainable Preservatives

    Adam P. Byrne, William Michael Hart-Cooper, Kaj Johnson, Larry H. Stanker, Dominic W. S. Wong, William J. Orts||January 4, 2016
    A rapid, inexpensive and qualitative protocol for determining microbial growth inhibition.