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Scents of Calm

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | September 1, 2010

These undercover scenting products are designed to do more than smell pretty.

Candles and reed diffusers work wonders when it comes to creating ambiance or calming frayed nerves—but you can’t use them in baby’s room or on a crowded elevator. Here are two stealthy scent products that use power of fragrance on a more personal level.

New parents will try anything to get their baby to sleep. And while candles aren’t an option in a nursery, Cloud B’s aroma pillows are a perfect fit. The Torrance, CA-based firm—which bills itself as the “baby sleep specialist”—offers Twilight Turtle & Friends Aroma Pillows, which feature a removable scent pouch filled with an exclusive lavender blend that helps baby snooze.

Cloud B added the aroma pillow following the success of its now sold-out Lavender Lab, a plush puppy with the same scent.

Healthy Brands LLC is looking to calm the estimated 33 million Americans who suffer from claustrophobia with Calmspace, which delivers a proprietary formula of 100% natural fragrance extracts that may help manage anxiety resulting from claustrophobic situations (think busy subways, slow moving elevators or jam-packed stadiums).

Calmspace comes in two patent-pending formulas—lavender and vanilla—housed in a lipstick-like container.

Users take the cap off to smell the scent or can use the roller ball inside to apply the aromatherapy oils directly to the skin. The blend has proven effective in most individuals who experience claustrophobia-induced symptoms such as sweating, accelerated heartbeat, lightheadedness, shaking, hyperventilation and generalized discomfort, according to the Northbrook, IL company.

Calmspace was conceived after the creators reviewed research conducted at major U.S. medical facility related to smell, and Healthy Brands developed and tested it during the past two years. For example, in a 2008 study conducted in Chicago, 29 adults with both doctor- and self-diagnosed claustrophobia inhaled proprietary blends of natural aromas prior to entering a crowded elevator. During a variety of experiments, 91% of the study participants who reported anxiety prior to boarding the elevator experienced a significant reduction in the effects of space-induced anxiety, the company said.
Healthy Brands LLC has a personal aroma product designed for those who suffer from claustrophobia.
Officials at Healthy Brands say in addition to the scent, what makes Calmspace a great option for the claustrophobic is the packaging.

“The roller ball heightens the message that is portable discreet and flexible product,” said Dr. Michael S. Beaubaire, medical director for Healthy Brands Group. “You can stand in crowded elevator, roll it on wrist and no one would notice you were using it.”

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