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Skin Cancer Foundation Emphasizes Safety

By Nancy Jeffries, Correspondent | October 15, 2010

Annual Skin Sense Awards Honor BASF Care Chemicals and Energizer Personal Care

The Skin Cancer Foundation hosted its Annual Skin Sense Award gala on October 12, 2010, at New York’s Pierre Hotel. The event honored BASF Care Chemicals and Energizer Personal Care for their accomplishments in skin care and skin cancer prevention, and recognized the support of the 400 attendees representing skin care, beauty, cosmetics, fragrance, the pharmaceutical industries, and dermatological sciences.
The evening began with a welcome from host, Sam Champion, weather anchor, Good Morning America, who discussed his own battle with skin cancer, and emphasized the importance of prevention, early detection, and treatment. Guest speaker, Dr. Steven Wang, photobiology committee, The Skin Cancer Foundation, addressed the significance of innovation in skin cancer research, as well as the new rating system and seal program, which requires that new standards be met before a product receives the new Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation, which now includes the introduction of ultraviolet A (UVA) protection requirements for sunscreens and categorization based on intended use, whether Daily Use or Active Use. The goal of the new Seal is to help consumers easily identify safe and effective sunscreens amid varying claims and label practices.

Following a performance by iconoclastic rock/jazz pianist, ELEW, who entertained the audience with a non-traditional repertoire of rock, ragtime and pop interpretations, the award presentations began with a salute to the evening’s honorees by Dr. Perry Robins, president of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Perry Robins, The Skin Cancer Foundation; Annette Sally, Grey Group; Gabriel Tanbourgi, BASF Care Chemicals; Al Robertson, Energizer Personal Care; and Sam Champion, Good Morning America, at Annual Skin Sense Award Gala presented by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Robins, who has treated more than 47,000 skin cancer patients in his career, thanked BASF Care Chemicals for their support, and acknowledged the importance of skin cancer research initiatives.

“We are in the middle of a skin cancer epidemic and there has been a 300% skin cancer increase since 1993. Our research tells us that many people still do not make sunscreen a part of their daily skin care routines. We have also been working to outlaw tanning beds, as they are a known carcinogen,” said Dr. Robins, as he acknowledged the support for research and preventive initiatives. He cited a recent initiative undertaken to send a cadre of doctors to educate doctors in Tanzania about the dangers of skin cancer, an effort spearheaded by the International Society of Dermatology.
BASF and Energizer Honored
Dr. Robins then presented the first award of the evening to Gabriel Tanbourgi, president of BASF Care Chemicals Division, who accepted the honor for BASF’s creation and distribution of superior sunscreen ingredients to manufacturers across the globe. BASF, which offers a wide range of ingredients for personal care products, including organic and inorganic UV filters for sunscreens, is in the FDA approval process to introduce three innovative ultraviolet filters for use in the U.S., Uvinul T 150, Tinosorb M, and Tinosorb S UV filters. These have been introduced and are widely used in Europe and will soon offer U.S. customers a broad portfolio for OTC sunscreen products.
Tanbourgi said, “This particular award is profoundly meaningful. When we help our customers in the sun protection segment to be more successful, we help them save lives and safeguard public health. We could not be more pleased to empower your efforts to eradicate skin cancer and its terrible toll on human lives.”

The BASF team (l-r): John Helfrick, director global key account manager, NA; Gary Dee, director home and personal care, NA; Laura Partynski, marketing communications manager; Gabriel Tanbourgi, president, BASF Care Chemicals; Sabine Malley, industry manager, skin and sun care; Samantha Hetherington, regional sales manager, home and personal care; and Simon Medley, sr. vice president, care chemicals and formulations, NA. Bottom, left to right (seated): Lisa Weber, head of quality, care chemicals, NA; Frank Freiler, vice president, beauty care solutions; Adel Collado, marketing manager, home and personal care; and Adrian Johnson, product manager, UV filters.

Honors were shared with Al Robertson, general manager and chief marketing officer, Energizer Personal Care, who was presented with the award by Annette Sally, executive vice president, Grey Group. Robertson, who acknowledged Grey Advertising as their partner, addressed the importance of skin cancer research and prevention.

“Many people don’t realize that skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the United States. One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime and by being here tonight, we are all helping to reduce the incidence of skin cancer today.”

Further, Robertson said, “The most effective way for us to reduce skin cancer is to use sunscreen. Today, less than 40% of Americans use sunscreen. We are committed to providing broad spectrum UV protection and we are proud that the Skin Cancer Foundation has recognized Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic with the Skin Cancer Seal of Recommendation.”

The Skin Cancer Foundation began accepting applications for the new Seal of Recommendation in July 2010, and will require full compliance by all current seal holders by May 2012.

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