Stick with Me Sunscreen Formulation 1366

Released by Dow Corning Corp.

January 1, 2011

Phase A
Crodacol CS-50 (Croda Inc.) (Cetearyl alcohol)
Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter)
Dow Corning HY-3050 soy wax (Dow Corning) (Hydrogenated soybean polyglycerides (and) C15-23 alkane)
Dow Corning FZ-3196 (Dow Corning) (Caprylyl methicone)
Dow Corning EL-8051 IN silicone organic elastomer blend (Dow Corning) (Isodecyl neopentanoate
Dow Corning 556 cosmetic grade fluid (Dow Corning) (Phenyl trimethicone)
Dow Corning AMS-C30 cosmetic wax (Dow Corning)u2008(C30-45 alkyl methicone (and) C30-45 olefin)
Crodamol AB (Croda Inc.) (C12-15 alkyl benzoate)
Neo Heliopan 303 (Symrise)u2008(Octocrylene)
Octyl salicylate
Neo Heliopan 357 (Symrise) (Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane)

Phase B
Crodamol GTCC (Croda) (Caprylic/capric triglyceride)

More Information
Combine phase A ingredients and heat to 80°C with mixing until all ingredients are melted and mixture is uniform. In a separate vessel, combine phase B ingredients and warm gently while stirring until clear. Add phase B to phase A and mix. Pour into suitable containers while hot. Cool mixture to room temperature.

More Information
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