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Winning the Silver

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | January 3, 2011

Hair care products aim for a more distinguished look for all ages.

During the past decade, the world has seen a shift in men’s and women’s acceptance of the aging process—they’re graying with grace. Men have embraced the look of today's modern "cool, yet distinguished" gentleman—think George Clooney or Gerard Butler; while actresses such as Meryl Streep or Sophia Loren show that age is nothing but a number. Trendsetter Lady Gaga even recently rocked dyed-gray tresses on the cover of Vanity Fair.
In response, the hair care marketers are tuning into the demands of the aging consumer who wants to stay attractive—not necessarily turn back the clock but rather maintain their finest attributes by way of clean, shiny tresses.
“Aging hair is hair that is starting to lose its pigment, meaning becoming or on its way to becoming gray, and has a shrinking diameter, meaning the hair strand itself is becoming smaller,” said Philip Pelusi, internationally recognized stylist, product developer and contributor to’s The Expert’s Opinion. “Aging hair is weaker with sometimes up a decrease of 10% in diameter. As hair ages, it sometimes stops growing entirely so often then the entire head of hair is thinner than it used to be. Also aging scalps are often dryer and flakier because as we age cell turnover slows. Choose products that gently exfoliate and weightlessly condition the hair.”
American Crew worked to satisfy the need for a product made specifically for the 40-plus set with its new Precision Blend Hair Coloring System of gray blending products. Available at professional salons, the American Crew Precision Blend coloring process provides stylists an easy five-minute solution for their male clients who are aiming to achieve that naturally blended look, according to the company.
“Men have their own styles, their own cuts and their own attitude. To blend gray from a man’s hair, you need products and techniques crafted specifically for him,” said David Raccuglia, founder and creative director of American Crew.
Pure Silver by Philip Kingsley showcases beauty at any age.

The American Crew Precision Blend Coloring System provides not only a product that allows stylists to naturally blend away clients' gray in five minutes, but a technical approach and specific tools designed to match his hair type and desired final look. The technical approach and product application will determine the amount of gray blended and resulting final look.
Depending on the level of coverage and the length of the hair, stylists can use a variety of techniques including buffing, sponge-like application for short hair that is naturally coarse or curly; blading, an "architectural application" for long, thick hair; blocking, a brushed-on application for long hair that naturally succumbs to gravity and blanketing for 100% color coverage.
American Crew offers a range of products for gray hair.

Zotos’ new Age Beautiful anti-aging permanent liqui-crème color also aims to add grace to mature tresses. According to the company, it is the first scientifically advanced hair color proven to fight all five signs of aging—thinning, wiry grays, turning gray, dryness and dullness. Melanin, keratin peptide and a patented conditioner with silk protein do the trick.
Also in the hair care category, Redken rolled out its Time Reset Salon Service (followed by Time Reset At-Home Regimen) with its patented Intra-Cylane technology to help clients reverse years of damage, according to the company.
Patented Intra-Cylane is the result of 10 years of dedicated scientific research on a unique silicone molecule, according to Redken. Activated by water, it transforms from liquid to solid to create an internal fibrous network that reinforces each strand from the inside out. The range features a shampoo, conditioner, revitalizing mask and daily lotion treatment.
This year, Philip Kingsley decided to celebrate “the gracious gray” with his new Pure Silver collection. Formulated to brighten all shades of gray, keep yellow tones at bay and soften the wiriness associated with hair that has lost its pigment, Pure Silver shampoo and conditioner offers “an everyday solution” for any kind of gray day, according to the company.
Developed in Kingsley’s laboratory at his London hair clinic, Pure Silver is infused with violet hues and optical brighteners to add shine to dull, discolored gray hair and brassy blondes. Hydrolyzed wheat protein ensures hair is kept strong, while lavender oils add an aromatherapy boost.
“I have heard too often from women who complain that their gray hair has suffered discoloration. Enough is enough. I developed this duo to take care of that,” said Kingsley.

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