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Kids Hair Expert Is 'On Call'

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | February 16, 2011

Salon owner and hair care expert Cozy Friedman has a new guide book that helps parents learn how to best care for their daughters' tresses, including a look at hair care products.

The knots. The tears. Both are a big part of many parents’ morning routines as they break out combs and brushes and try to get their daughters ready for school. But hair care authority Cozy Friedman is out to help moms (and dads) conquer styling issues with a lot less drama.

Knowing and understanding a child's hair type is important when it comes to caring for and styling her hair, noted Friedman, creator of the So Cozy product line and founder of Cozy's Cuts for Kids, a pair of high-profile New York City kid-centric hair salons. In her new book, "Cozy Complete Guide to Girl's Hair," Friedman addresses all issues surrounding hair from diagnosing hair type to fast fixes (think sticky gum or that killer knot) to step-by-step instructions for special event and get-out-of-the-house quick styles. She also talks about cutting hair at home and product usage.

Happi caught up with Friedman to talk about the new book, her newest SKU, and what parents should keep in mind when it comes to using products on their child’s tender tresses.

“Parents tend to forget that what works for their hair won’t always be what’s best for their child’s hair,” she said.“ Keep in mind, a child’s hair is completely untouched and unaltered – it has never been colored, permed or processed, which makes it much finer than adult hair, meaning it requires much more TLC.”
Naturally, Friedman suggests starting with a tear-free shampoo. But she also says parents can turn to a clarifying shampoos if they are trying to combat buildup, whether that’s from product, chlorine or even dirt.
“Clarifying shampoos will remove deposits and give hair a fresh start, so I recommend using once a week,” she said.

As for conditioners, Friedman believes “there really is no right or wrong way to use them and every parent is different…one good rule to follow is the drier the hair, the more conditioning you need for it to be healthy.”

Friedman recognizes the expanded options parents have today, which includes her own line, So Cozy, which is sold online at sites like, Beauty and as well as in Ricky’s, Zitomer and C.O Bigelow Apothecary.

“A great thing about products for kids these days is that they’re actually designed with kids in mind.There are shampoos, conditioners and styling products on the market with fun scents and creative, engaging packaging – like the So Cozy line.”

She suggests that parents stay away from parabens.
Don't get tied up over a child's hairstyle.
“Even though many people are still up in the air about the negative effects of parabens in beauty products, it’s thought that babies absorb through their skin almost three times the chemicals in soaps and bath products than adults do. I tend to advise parents to choose paraben-free products, which are becoming more popular nowadays,” Friedman said.

Last summer, Friedman rolled out So Cozy Protective Conditioning Mist with Sunscreen, a paraben-free, leave-in conditioner that can be used on wet or dry hair that also acts as a sunscreen, protecting hair and scalp from the sun.So Cozy’s sellers are Boo! Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner, which are lice prevention items—another big issue for parents.
So Cozy's Protective Conditioning Mist
“Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls Hair” will be available in February in Barnes & Noble stores and on

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