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What's New Underfoot?

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | May 9, 2011

Procter & Gamble Professional's new ProLine Floor Care System, a complete lineup of floor care solutions. Mike Weber, principal scientist of products research at Procter & Gamble Professional, tells Happi about the new range.

Better looking floors, easier. That’s the goal for most I&I customers. To that end, Procter & Gamble Professional has rolled out a complete lineup of floor care solutions with the P&G ProLine Floor Care System, featuring a low-odor floor finish stripper, a complete line of floor finishes and neutral-impact cleaners, all formulated to work together.

The three-tier range includes P&G ProLine Floor Finish Stripper, a highly effective residual finish remover to ensure a clean base for refinishing that features a no rinse formula that leaves floors free of alkalinity, and ProLine Finished Floor Cleaners, a collection of neutral-impact cleaners formulated with a unique surfactant blend to remove soils, helping to extend the time between maintenance cycles. Cleaner options include Disinfecting Floor Cleaner and Finished Floor Cleaner that is DfE certified. Rounding out the line are ProLine Floor Finishes, a range of seven finishes, each designed for a unique customer environment and featuring a shine polymer technology that increases durability and resistance to daily wear, including an EPA Designed for the Environment (DfE) certified formulation.

The P&G ProLine Floor Care System is designed specifically to help, extend the time between scrub and recoat, so customers experience longer-lasting shine with less work, according to P&G, which says that the superior finished floor cleaner removes 59% more particulate soil than the leading competitor and cleans without dulling or damaging finish. In regards to chemistry, a unique micropolymer technology encapsulates each shine polymer with an acrylic sheath to increase finish durability and resistance to daily wear and tear. caught up with Mike Weber, principal scientist of products research at Procter & Gamble Professional, to talk about the system, and how it delivers the products and performance I&I customers need.

Weber knows commercial cleaning. This 31-year veteran at Procter & Gamble, has helped develop the P&G ProLine brand of commercial cleaners and lends his expertise on in-depth consumer understanding for finished floor care and applying this understanding towards the development of products to better meet customer needs. In addition, he’s an experienced trainer and consultant in finished floor care, and has published more than 20 articles and care guides in numerous trade publications.

Happi: This new system really seems to hit a home run in terms of delivering what a customer needs—low odor, money savings, labor savings—all critical issues in the I&I market. How long was this in development and what were the key issues P&G Professional was trying to solve?

Weber: The new line of P&G ProLine floor finishes were in development for more than two years, which included rigorous lab and field testing to ensure that Procter & Gamble Professional’s products were “best in class” within each key customer segment. However, the P&G ProLine Floor Care System was developed based on more than 15 years of research and development work, and in-market experience in the finished floor care arena. Thus, we’ve created a floor care system that helps businesses extend the time between scrub and recoat, while maintaining beautiful floors that reflect the care and attention they put into their business, day after day.

Happi: How critical was the DfE product designation? Are more customers looking for these products?

Weber: Due to the growing demand for zinc-free and environmentally-friendly finishes, the DfE certification was a key strategy in offering a customized approach designed to meet a customer’s unique needs. Part of the seven new finishes offered through the P&G ProLine Floor Care System is the DfE-certified finish, “New Directions,” featuring a proprietary zinc-free polymer technology that delivers unsurpassed shine and durability among “green” finishes on the market today.

Happi: The low-odor finish stripper is unique. Can you talk about the technology/ingredients (solvents) used to achieve the performance attributes needed with a low odor profile?

Weber: P&G ProLine Floor Stripper is a unique product that is low odor and butyl-free, allowing application any time of the day to maximize productivity. While our unique technology has the environment in mind, it is as effective as the most “hard core” butyl-based or highly caustic strippers. The P&G ProLine Floor Stripper delivers these benefits via a proprietary solvent and surfactant system, combined with a mild alkalinity source, all of which represents breakthrough technology for our industry.

Happi: What company/brand do you see P&G Professional competing with in this category? What advantages does the P&G stable offer to customers?

Weber: While we don’t comment on competitors, we feel that P&G Professional is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the business and the I&I community. Overall, Procter & Gamble features a deeper, broader collection of science and technology than any other consumer products company in the world. This science-based, disciplined approach to innovation, product safety and sustainability is continuously leveraged for the direct benefit of P&G Professional customers.

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