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Hair Styles for 2012

By Michael Dueu00f1as, Hair Room Service | November 28, 2011

Stylist Michael Dueñas on what to look for in the new year.

The direction of hair is turning to more of a voluminous look. We are turning away from flat hair, that has been flat ironed to the point of no return. The market is having a big influx of clip less curling irons. The irons are used to create large natural shapes, beach waves, and even very controlled styles, such a Veronica Lake. These irons are much easier for the girl at home to use. Try the amika 3p, it has three interchangeable barrels for all different styles!

For hair color, you will be seeing a lot of red tones. Reds are back in a big way, coppers, unnatural tones of red.If reds are big, that means color saving shampoos and conditioners are big. Such as amika shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner combo will protect your hair color through anything. Harsh salt water and strong UV rays are no match. For beautiful reds try the new Schwarzkopf Essensity color line. No ammonia, no odor, no formaldehyde just to name a few major pluses! This is a permanent color that covers gray and can create blonde!

For styling we want to use soft products. You will no longer see any hard crunchy looking styles. Use amika Obliphica oil, for high shine with out weighing your hair down. This will protect your hair from heat tools! You will have soft flexible hair with tremendous volume, it is truly sensational. For putting hair up, loose styles with a nice soft finger texture is huge, loose buns. It is a constructed style that is deconstructed.

About the Author
Michael Dueñas, founder and CEO of Hair Room Service, is a versatile stylist with enthusiasm, insight and creativity. He has traveled and earned industry recognition as an educator and artistic team member for major companies, including Carlton Hair International, Schwarzkopf and Devachan. His love of the craft happened unexpectedly when he was 13 years old and was surfing in California with a few friends who owned a hair salon. He was invited to hang out in their salon. As soon as he was old enough to apprentice his dream began. Passion grew and he eventually became a stylist. When Dueñas realized how beautiful and happy his clients were when they left his chair, he knew he’d found his creative outlet.

Dueñas was best able to express his creativity through education. Teaching all over the US, his passion grew by the day. Through education he found freelance work and was drawn toward editorial work and photo shoots. After realizing his passion was growing for photo work, Dueñas took the next step. He packed his bags and moved from California to New York to increase his client base on both coasts.

Now an experienced celebrity stylist with eight years of education and experience in the industry, Dueñas is using the knowledge he’s gained to create something truly unique with HAIR ROOM SERVICE.As a national educator for Schwarzkopf, he is always up-to-date with the latest trends in both fashion and hair. Through his teachings and travels, Dueñas has gained extensive knowledge from the industry and generously shares his expertise with others. Dueñas works with a growing list of celebrities and is represented by Exclusive Artist Management.

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