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A Lasting Impression

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | November 4, 2011

Orly debuts gel manicure system.

One of the top trends in nail care right now is gel manicures. Designed for long-wear, these treatments can last for weeks with durable, chip-free results. Popular nail lacquer brand Orly is jumping in on this movement with the Gel FX Manicure System, which is out in salons now.

Featuring 32 shades to match the brand’s top selling lacquers, the selection of hues ranges from sophisticated neutrals to glittering metallics to vibrant shades of blue, purple and black. Because each GelFX shade is part of the permanent Orly collection of lacquers, it can be matched to a traditional pedicure and the lacquer formula can be used to touch up re-growth. The Gel FX formula also cures in half the time of a traditional gel manicure, thanks to LED light technology.

Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees has already used the system on Pink, who is sporting Rage on her toes and Sheer Nude on her nails, and Hayden Panettiere, who chose a Haute Red mani and a Sheer Nude pedi.

Orly recently tapped the gel manicure marketplace with Gel FX.
John Galea, advertising and public relations manager, Orly, Los Angeles, CA, took time to chat with about this latest advancement at his company.

Happi:Why did Orly decide to formulate a gel lacquer?

JG: At Orly, it’s always been about innovation. Thirty-five years ago, Jeff Pink saw a need in the market that needed to be filled and Orly was founded. Today, it’s not any different. We’ve brought a unique gel manicure system to market that’s allowed our consumers to match their favorite Orly lacquer to a gel formulation.

Happi: What are the key ingredients in the gel lacquers and why?

JG:The unique feature of the Gel FX System is that each product that has direct contact with the nail (primer, basecoat) is infused with an exclusive vitamin complex. The complex is made up of antioxidant vitamins A and E to promote healthy nails, while pro-vitamin B5 aids in protecting the structure of the natural nail. The formulation also contains the following:

• Di-HEMA trimethylhexyl dicarbamate is an oligomer, which is a short chain of monomers that will polymerize into a long chained polymer under a UV/LED lamp. This is considered the backbone of the gel, and gives rise to the final structure.
• HEMA is a monomer that acts as a cross-linker to the oligomer and creates long chains of molecules called polymers. This “polymerization” occurs during the “curing” phase under a UV/LED lamp with the presence of photoinitiators.

•Trimethylbenzoyl diphenylphosphine oxide (TPO) serves as the photoinitiator, which is the ingredient that causes the polymerization (bonding) of all the oligomers and monomers when put into contact with UV or LED light. The polymerization ceases when all of the photoinitiator is exhausted and the product is cured.
•Pigments/colorants – ingredients such as titanium dioxide, iron oxides and various shades of pigments are what give the gel lacquer its unique color.

Happi: What qualities are consumers looking for in nail lacquers and why?

JG: In a gel nail lacquer, consumers are looking for long-lasting, chip-free color that’s easy to remove. With Orly Gel FX, consumers are able to get their favorite color in a lacquer formulation.

Happi: What colors will be big for this season and why—bold brights, neutrals?

JG: This fall is colored with shimmering tones of deep purple, rich greens and pops of coral. You will also be seeing electric blues that are offset with soft dove gray and glistening gunmetal hues. Fashion and design will take flight and give us wings on the road to new colors, more texture and creativity; therefore, birds and the tones found in their feathers are the source of inspiration and a big trend for the 2011 season.

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