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Achieving Celebrity Requested Styles

By Joey Noufal, Noufal Hair Color Studio | December 20, 2011

There's a fine line between faux and fabulous, explains Joey Noufal.

Women look to celebrities often for inspiration on hair styles and for those they might want to emulate. I have found that sometimes this look clients’ desire may or may not be possible. This is where consultation skills are vital to ensure the end result is possible, realistic and maintainable.

As a stylist, it is important to first assess if the client has similar hair texture and facial shape of the celebrity they are targeting for their new look. When a client requests a celebrity style, it is very important to make sure that similarities in the hair, similar facial shape, same tone of skin and eye coloring are all present to ensure the look can be achieved.

Can their hair handle the change? If they are requesting a color change, first gauge if their hair can handle a single or double process color. Often overlooked is eye coloring when going for a color change. This is just as important along with skin tone.

It is important to also consider if the desired length is proportionate to their face and body. You want the entire celebrity look to match and to look like it was originally created for her.

Finally, can the selected style be replicated at home? At Noufal HairColor Studio, we teach our guests how to blow dry and style their hair and teach them at-home techniques to ensure they can recreate the look.

In my salon chain, the most requested celebrity looks are Lisa Rinna and Jennifer Aniston. Lisa’s style is short in length, approximately 3 ½ to 4 inches long that is flipped out, has height on the top and side swept bangs. This look is complimentary on many women.

For those who can wear slightly longer styles, Jennifer’s new cut this year is very popular as it is shoulder length and layers and grows out very nicely – easy to style and manage. Jennifer’s hair has always been a trend setting monitor in the hair industry since her days as the character “Rachel” on friends. When she has a change in her hair, I know the requests will be pouring in. Even when she does not have a change, her style and color is often requested.

Keeping up with the newest celebrity hair styles, watching the award shows and being on top of which celebrity just had a new cut or style is important to maintaining credibility with your clients that you are on top of current hair trends. Everyone wants to be their own star of their show.

About the Author
Joey Noufal is an award-winning hair stylist and makeup artist. Founder of Noufal HairColor Studio in the Washington DC Metropolitan area and the newly-released salon franchise, he has celebrity styling experience including local politicians, television stars, rock musicians, foreign dignitaries and Royal Family members and more.

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