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It's Puffalicious

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | January 5, 2012

New shower product lets the user customize scent via bath beads.

Studies show that consumers like the idea of bathing with a variety of fragrances and colors that reflect their daily mood.After all, some mornings you’d like to energize with a citrus or mint scent; other times, you’d like to escape via lavender or jasmine. Sher Gregory, a beauty industry veteran with a knack for bath and body products, capitalized on this concept with Puffalicious, her new personal care collection.

Billed as the “next generation of bathing products,” the line debuted in 2011 on her website,, with plans to expand into boutiques this year. The Pocket Pouf, a patented body wash system, includes a two-tone mesh sponge with a pocket that holds a “unidose” bathing bead so the consumer can insert a different fragranced lathering bead each time they wash.

Puff Enough: The Puffalicious Pouf.
“Whereas traditional products come in a single fragrance and color, our product is provided in an assortment for the consumer to select from,” Gregory told Happi.“Each 30-day supply will provide five beads in six fragrances for selection. For the consumer to have this selection in a traditional product, they would need to purchase six bottles of body wash, which would produce clutter in their bath tub or shower and become quite costly.”

The Puffalicious bathing bead foams instantly, to evenly distribute lather all over the body until completely dissolved. Glycerin- and water-based, the beads feature essential oils in a variety of scents. In the Therapeutic collection, consumers can pick from Frosty Mint, Green Tea, Ginseng Punch, Call Me Aloe, Rose Glow and Lavender Lullaby; in the Enriching range, selections include Strawberry Splash, Almond Joy, Honey Buzz, Vanilla Froth, Coconut Current and Pyro Papaya.

Gregory, no stranger to the cosmetic and fragrance business, consulted with Unilever in the 1990s to create the body wash poufs that launched the Caress and Dove body wash lines.She also created and co-patented a pouf for Lever 2000, which was designed to appeal to all members of the family.

The Puffalicious line is packaged in clear tubes, in both 30-day and eight-day travel supply sizes. Additional SKUs will be packaged in cosmetic and travel bags. Ready-packed spa gift sets are also available.

Future plans for the company, according to Gregory, include line expansions, especially related to the tween/teen and men's markets.

“We also plan to extend the line to other bathing products, and also beauty care—with moisturizers and self-tanning products down the road,” she said.“Additionally we are trademarking new innovative items to launch in the near future in the personal care and stationary markets.”

Until then, Puffalicious is touting “a more luxurious experience” in the shower with no waste of product down the drain, literally or figuratively.


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