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Fade to Black

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | January 12, 2012

Generation Klean's debut product, a paraben-free temporary hair color touch-up wand, is hitting Whole Foods this year, and the company is planning more launches for 2012.

Even green consumers get gray sometimes. Gray hair, that is. And Generation Klean has an option for those who want a solution for aging hair that matches their concern for “clean” personal care products.
Like other hair mascara wands, Gray Disappear is designed to cover gray hair and roots and is perfect for easy touch-ups between expensive salon visits. But what makes it unique, according to Generation Klean cofounders Jonathan “JD” Larson and Jasmine Abedi, is the formulation.
The duo uses what it calls the “finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients” and has kept the formulation free of parabens, sulfates and propylene glycols. What it does contain are antioxidants, vitamin E, panthenol and natural waxes.
The idea for Gray Disappear came after Abedi had a health scare. Her growing concern about frequent hair dye use and parabens, kicked off a quest to find another solution.
“The only alternatives out there contained parabens, so Ipartnered with JD, a good friend from law school, and Gray Disappear was born,” she said.
Available in Gold (blonde), Blaze (red), Espresso (brown) and Onyx (black), Gray Disappear retails for $15.99 at beauty retailers in the greater Los Angeles area, beauty and natural food stores nationwide, and the company’s website.
Soon, Gray Disappear will appear on an even bigger stage—Whole Foods.

The wand device makes Gray Disappear.
It will be available in the south Pacific region of Whole Foods in late March/early April, according to Larson and Abedi.
“We currently have strong interest from 40/44 stores in this region and are in talks with the remaining regions,” said Larson.
The Generation Klean cofounders see potential for purchase outside of women who like to keep their hair looking young. Gray Disappear, which is housed in a simple black case, can also be used to add temporary highlights and cover up gray in men's facial hair too, making it a multi-use product, according to company officials, who told Happi there’s more to come in 2012.
“We are currently in the process of research and development on anotherhair care product, which will limit the amount of breakage and damage caused to hair during the drying/ironing process,“ Larson said.
In addition, the Beverly Hills, CA-based firm is working on a larger line of paraben-free cosmetics that will compete against what Abedi called the “stylish and wide ranging color palettes of the larger and more high-end brands.”

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