Sulfate-Free Mild Facial Wash

Released by Solvay Chemicals, Inc.

March 1, 2012

Phase A
Mirataine CBS (Rhodia) (Cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine)
Mackanate El (Rhodia) (Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate)
Rheomer 33 (Rhodia) (Polyacrylate-33)
Sodium hydroxide (15%)
q.s pH 6.5
Mackamide LAME-100 (Rhodia) (Acetamide MEA, lactamide MEA)
Kathon CG (Dow)
Florapearls Jojoba Evergreen STD (Floratech) (Jojoba esters and chromium oxide green)
Deionized water
q.s. 100

Add Mirataine CBS to most part (~95%) of deionized water while mixing gently. Add Mackanate EL and mix until uniform. Add Kathon CG and Rheomer 33 and mix until homogeneous. Add Florapearls Evergreen STD beads while mixing gently. Add glycerin and Mackamide LAME, neutralize slowly to pH 6.5 with sodium hydroxide solution (15%) and while mixing gently until uniform. Add the remaining deionized water and mix until uniform. Check pH and adjust if necessary.

Brookfield Viscosityu20144000-8000 mPa.s; pHu20146.5.

More Information
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The DeWolf Companies
(DeWolf Chemical, Inc. u2013 Glenn Corporation)
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