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Baby Steps

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | March 5, 2012

New spa line targets different needs during youngsters' years.

As her baby grows from a helpless newborn to fearless toddler, a mother may soon realize that not all personal care products work the same for her little one’s latest stage. Enter BabySpa—a brand out of Miami offering a targeted approach to natural skin care. Its goal is to address a child’s changing needs by way of soapless body washes, tearless shampoos, bubble bath milk and more.

According to Tino Reiser, founder of BabySpa (, Coral Gables, FL, his start of this burgeoning baby brand was a bit untraditional, as he is also the owner of a marketing company [GrupoUno International] that builds global brands for other companies. So, why a foray into baby care?

“Working in a fast-paced environment with women, some already moms, some single and some pregnant with babies on the way, there were a lot of discussions about baby care products in the market,” he explained. “While there were a few good products with different attributes, it seemed that none truly encompassed all the traits they wanted for their babies. It was as if they wished they could take pieces from different products, enhance it to make it even better and create the perfect baby skin care collection.

After months of passionate discussions, we decided to take upon ourselves the challenge of digging deeper into the subject and applying our marketing research know-how to seek, understand and identify what discerning moms truly wanted or thought they needed.”
Reiser and his team spent “endless hours” sifting through hundreds of published dermatology and pediatric white papers, conducting interviews and focus groups with moms and testing dozens of baby care products in the market. His findings? “There was not a single product collection that fulfilled all of the demands and expectations of the savvy, health-conscious parent,” said Reiser.

Armed with this information, Reiser began his journey to form his own baby care company by consulting with dermatologists and European research labs. He then met with botanical experts to select and find “the right natural, organic and effective ingredients that are Ecocert certified and addressed changing skin needs.” Three years later, BabySpa joined the marketplace.
Baby Spa, the newest way of bringing up babies today.
The brand features a unique step-wise “Stages” system. Stage 1 for newborns features a Soapless Body Wash, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Calming Massage Oil and Shea Butter Diaper Cream; while Stage 2 for walkers through preschoolers features a 3-in-1 Tearless Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer, Bubble Bath Milk, Soothing Face Cream, Moisturizing Body Lotion and Born to Nurture Gift Set. It blends organic and preservative-free “ethnobotanicals” traditionally used by ancient Native Americans, vitamin-rich oils native to the Indonesian and Pacific Islands, and patented moisturizers from Switzerland into a product mix that is 98-100% natural, according to Reiser.

Among these unique botanicals are songa, used to help heal, hydrate and soothe irritated skin while maintaining a soft and supple texture; EG-28, a patented Swiss moisturizer that combines three natural botanicals to provide an immediate soothing effect while protecting and inhibiting irritation and redness in sensitive skin; kendi oil, a virgin natural oil rich in omega 3 and vitamin E to keep skin nourished, silky and smooth; kizis, a botanical that supports the skin’s natural defense mechanisms for better protection and after-sun recovery, leaving the skin soft and refreshed; and nyamplung oil, a fruit oil with soothing, regenerating and healing properties that helps to protect skin from UV exposure and is rich in Vitamin E to provide moisturizing and conditioning effects.

Currently, BabySpa products are available for purchase online at as well as select baby boutiques throughout the country.Its target demographic also recently lauded it with a Gold Seal from the Mom’s Choice Awards (MCA).

"We truly value this recognition from such an exemplary organization as the Mom’s Choice Awards. Our collection was created to serve as a healthier, safer and wholesome alternative to common baby skin care products in the market. Knowing that parents and children who evaluated and approved our products share our commitment to a natural lifestyle is very gratifying," said Reiser.

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