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Beauty Fades Or Does It?

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | March 5, 2012

Nouveau Contour markets permanent makeup pigments.

Some people can’t live without their daily makeup staples like kohl eyeliner or matte lipstick; they feel almost naked without it. Nouveau Contour, a new permanent cosmetics company based in The Netherlands, is aiming to change the face of beauty with its line of permanent makeup. The company is setting up operations in the US.
Headquartered in the city of Weert with an R&D and production facility in Berlin, Germany, the brand provides a novel method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. All procedures are performed using Nouveau Contour’s digital machinery, delivering a wide variety of cosmetic coloring including eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner or lip tint. Their color palette varies from creating natural skin tone colors to hide scars to vibrant colors that can fashion your favorite eyeliner. Nouveau Contour can also fill in sparse eyebrows caused by over plucking, camouflage receding hairlines, tint pale lips with a hint of color or line your pout for extra pop.
“The uniqueness of the micro-processor is similar to what cruise control does for a car. As the needle is delivering pigment to the skin, the handpiece is able to detect thicker skin. This thicker skin can slow the process of the needle,” said Robert Waters, vice president, general manager, Orlando, FL. “Nouveau Contour Devices are the only pure digital and micro-processor driven devices on the market today. The microprocessor is able to sense this and increase power to the handpiece resulting in uniform punctures and uniform delivery of pigment. The Nouveau Contour Needle cartridge system is a patented product that was developed to prevent exposure and contamination due to unforeseen bodily fluids. It is a single use system only available from Nouveau Contour.”
Subtle, but noticeable. Nouveau Contour is making its mark in the world of beauty.
According to Waters, the company will launch a new line of pigments that will eliminate issues such as pigment fade and discoloration of pigment to the brow area. “Due to our patented manufacturing process and organic compounds, we are able to deliver a product like no other,” he said.
As for the pigments—ranging from Chocolate Delight for eyes to Marilyn Red for lips—the products are assessed for chemical composition, microbiological contaminations, chemical structure, crystal form, color density, granular density, colorfastness and purity, according to the company.
And, for those who want less of a commitment, Nouveau Contour also offers semi-permanent eye- and lipliners.

Nouveau Contour offers a range of pigments.
“We will continue to grow by offering unique, one of a kind products that no other manufacturer offers,” predicted Waters. “At the same time, we will offer rewarding and thorough training to new as well as practicing professionals.”

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