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The Curl Commandments

By Morgan Willhite, Creative Director at Ouidad | May 8, 2012

All textured hair is not created equal, according to Ouidad's expert.

All curls are not created equal, which means there is no universal care regimen that works for every type of curl.The key to achieving healthy and happy curls is to understand the basics via Ouidad’s Curl Commandments.From determining curl type to caring for curls, these six Curl Commandments are a great resource for those blessed with waves.

Commandment I - Pattern
There are four main types of curl patterns including:
  • Loose and Wavy – Soft, less defined waves approximately 2 inches wide that become curlier with length
  • Curly – Classic curls approximately 1 to 1.5 inches wide with lots of volume
  • Tight Curly – a mixture of 1 inch curls throughout the hair
  • Kinky – ringlets that are “Z” shaped when hair is stretched

Commandment II - Texture
The three most common curl textures include:
  • Fine – mostly found on people with “tight” or “kinky” curls
  • Medium – slightly thicker than fine texture; usually found on people with loose, curly and tight curls
  • Coarse – strands are thicker in diameter and are mostly found on hair with loose curls

Commandment III - Shampooing
It isn't necessary to shampoo daily; your curl pattern should dictate how often you should shampoo:
  • Loose – 2 to 3 times per week
  • Curly and Tight – 1 to 2 times per week
  • Kinky – 1 time per week
Lack of shampooing curly hair of all types can cause dryness and dehydration to the root of the hair. On the days when you do not shampoo, rinse the hair with warm water and detangle with a leave in conditioner. If you need a quick fix, use a refreshing lightweight spray conditioner.

Commandment IV - Conditioning
Conditioning provides protection against heating tools, sun damage and product build up. Leave 25% of the conditioner on ends of your hair for extra protection and detangling.

Commandment V – Daily Conditioning
While daily conditioners lay the foundation for smooth styling they do not provide lasting benefits to the health of curly hair. A leave in conditioner adds moisture and vitamins to wet or dry curls and works as a de-frizzer.

Commandment VI - Styling
Did you know these styling tips for textured hair?
  • Curly hair should never be brushed
  • Brushes can tear or stretch fragile strands and on dry hair it will separate and diffuse the curls, creating frizz
  • Avoid over handling curly hair, touching curls as they dry disturbs the natural pattern and creates unwanted volume and frizz.

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About the Author
With years of training and hands on experience working alongside Ouidad in her NYC salon, Morgan Willhite is the creative director for Ouidad and the lead stylist at the Ouidad Salon Santa Monica. She has worked with the famed "Queen of Curl" for over a decade. Growing up with a head of curl herself has made her determined in her career to educate her clients to love and appreciate their curls. She is a cut, color and softening specialist.


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