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By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | May 3, 2012

United Spirit of America targets outdoorsmen, military and more.

What do military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, boaters, law enforcement officers and frequent travelers have in common? All appreciate multi-use toiletries packaged in ready-to-travel format—as seen with burgeoning personal care brand United Spirit of America (USA-Spirit). ThisFlorida-based marketer recently launched a new line of unique hygiene and toiletry SKUs specifically designed to meet these needs, according to the company.

The USA-Spirit product lineup includes the Basic Edition, featuring 3-in-1 products, antibacterial formulas, deodorants and more. The unscented Outpost Edition products are military-grade and specifically designed for water-restricted environments. The OK Personal Care Emergency Kit is a preparedness hygiene kit meant to provide essential products for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency or disaster. A percentage of sales go back to the Forgotten Soldiers Outreach project.
USA-Spirit products help keep military personnel healthy.
“Our premise is ‘A Healthy Soldier is a Fighting Soldier.’ It doesn’t matter how good a weapon is if the soldier can’t use it because he/she is sick; therefore, our first line of defense is good hygiene which prevents the surge of illnesses and down time for our troops,” said J.J. Agudelo, president of United Spirit of America, Boynton Beach, FL.

After watching a mother send a big box of personal care items to her son at the post office and talking to her about the things she was mailing, Agudelo said he realized that there was a void in the personal care industry in regards to a full line of toiletries and hygiene products devoted to military usage.
While developing USA Spirit, Agudelo set out a series of conditions to develop the brand. After talking with hundreds of GIs and getting feedback from them about their difficulties in the field to transport and use hygiene products, he decided to create “a set of features” for the products, so they would be easy to carry, light in weight and have efficiency in use.
“Our trademark ‘Kit in a Click’ concept has brought a simple but very efficient solution to the carry-on of toiletries in a fast moving world,” he added. “All of our products must be heavy duty, flexible and multipurpose.”
And it looks like USA Spirit might be expanding its outreach as a result.

“When you develop products that are so versatile, the norm is that other communities such as law enforcement, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, fishermen and travelers in general take notice and want those products too,” he said. “We are in a constant and never ending process of research, innovation, growth and production of new products. Our future plans involve many aspects, from regional to global presence, but our most important plan will always be to provide protection, support and honor our heroes in the military and where ever they will be, that’s where we are going to be.”

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