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Fall 2012 Hair Trends Preview

By Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist | July 16, 2012

What's going to be hot for next season? Philip Pelusi knows.

Here's a roundup of the latest looks for Fall 2012:

Big Bold Bangs

Since Rooney Mara hit the silver screen in the movie “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo” she has become a red carpet fashion icon and so have her bold bangs. She was one of the first to catapult this major hair trend, which will continue from summer strongly into the fall. This major hair trend is being worn by movie stars and runway models alike. The look is achieved by wearing a sizable width bang, cut straight across. There are two length variations for the big bold bang trend for Fall 2012. First, the crisp, micro-mini bang worn by Mara and other runway models and then secondly, the longer and softer bangs worn by celebrities like Christina Ricci and Zooey Deschanel. To get the look of the crisper micro-mini bangs, use a styling groom that will really help hold hair in place and give off a glistening sheen but without being stiff like a gel.

Look for a USDA certified organic pomade containing organic sunflower seed, coconut, sweet almond, argan and acai oils and fortified with certified organic shea butter and beeswax for a natural, glossy finish on the hair with great control. These natural oils and lipids also provide a moisture-sealing effect, retaining hair’s natural moisture content for extra strength and resilience. For the look of softer, longer bangs look for a resin-free, pliable groom that stays soft and moveable. Products containing organic beeswax and shea butter for natural control while sealing in moisture as well as organic honey and honey derivatives that moisturize the hair and eliminating frizz while holding this firmer bang look in place.

To get this look try Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Hair Gloss or Composer.

Knot Me

Knot Me has been the words on the runway and red carpet creating a must-have hair trend for this fall. In fact, the Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Design Team, spearheaded this trend creating an innovative sculpted hair knot for the Fall 2012 Venexiana runway show. Philip and his design team created sculpted waves swept up into a twisted knot. The look combines a modern-twist on the 1920s flapper-type curls with the knot trend for 2012. The knot trend overall involves pulling the hair back off the face into a ponytail and then wrapping the tail into a knot. The placement of the knot is placed in the nape or middle of the back of the head. The texture of the hair can either be brushed smooth and sleek or left textured and tousled. This trend works well for those who want a fancy evening up-do, or for someone who wants a quick real-way version of the runway look for a stylish day time look. The product selection makes a difference in creating this look.

Look for resin-free products containing organic ingredients that leave a soft modern finish. This will keep the knot looking contemporary instead of a stogy, dated-looking, firm feeling up-do style. This fall 2012 runway trend has shine but is never stiff or sticky.

Start with a powder-free, resin-free, spray-on hair refresher that removes surface debris and creates the work-ability and texture to control the hair when creating the knot. Look for one with ingredients such as organic bergamot, wolfberry and milk thistle to help protect color and enhance texture. Also have a hair grooming or shaping product on hand to help form the knot. This non-hardening, non-stiffening groom will help to control and enhance texture needed to create this modern, knotted style. Look for one that contains organic honey and honey extracts and derivatives to moisturize while organic beeswax and shea butter control the shape and configuration of the knot. If you are looking for more of a demi-matte finish with slightly more control, try a USDA certified organic groom that contains organic honey, shea butter and olive oil to ensure shine while helping the hair and scalp retain essential moisture delivered by organic glycerin and corn starch. Together, these ingredients are instrumental in delivering the control and enhanced textured to creating this modern knotted style.

To get this look try Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Dri Shampoo, Composer or Encore

Crop Cuts

For Fall 2012 the haircut is back! Not that hair cutting has ever gone out of style, but to actually have a shorter hair cut has been somewhat passé since the early 1990s.Short cropped cuts from chin length bobs to shorter are one of the major trends for this coming fall season. To get this look make sure the cut no matter what the length has a textured and purposely choppy look. Precision cutting techniques are important for this trend to create the layering and separation needed to get that crop cut look. The Quiff cropped cut will be a strong trend for both men and women going into the fall. This is a combination of Elvis’s D.A. and the Duran Duran look from the 1980s. This is a short cut worn from the ultra short gamin length to ear length. The shorter length cropped cuts are worn with no part but instead pushed around and at times off the one side but without a part. The look is piecy with gently bended ends shooting off in many different directions including toward the face. Movie stars wearing this look: David Beckham and Rachel Wood. This chopped cut look will also be worn slightly longer around ear length. This cut has more of a side swept part or a messy side part. The ends look a bit disheveled and imperfect. There is a punk-rock element to all of these cropped cuts looks.

And finally the textured bob is the longest of these chopped crops. The length is below the ear to the chin and even right below the chin in length. The texture and feel is the same as the shorter length choppy cuts and are definitely not blow smooth. The hair looks air dried or diffused or bent with a flat iron or curling iron and rumpled. The part on these cuts can be center or side, whatever is more flattering. This is not a weighted bob but instead layers released around the perimeter of the bottom of the bob. Movie stars wearing this look: Dianna Argon and Nora Jones. Select finishing products that show off the chopped and piecey ends of these cropped cuts. Look for a USDA certified organic texturizer and grooming product builds texture with organic cane sugar that also binds moisture deeply within the hair shaft for ultimate hydration and creating a more extreme textured look. For something softer, try a product often used in photo-styling that combines organic shea butter and corn starch for texture control and organic sweet almond oil for shine.

To get this look try Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Beach Hair or Encore

Super Natural

Another huge trend for Fall 2012 is super natural looking hair. Women are abandoning their relaxer services and opting for their natural curl or wave. Anything from cork screw curls to loose tendrils to gentle bended ends; natural looking hair is one of the most sought after looks for Fall 2012. The word natural gives the impression that the look just magically or “naturally” happens. Nothing can be further from the truth. The secret to really pulling off this look is the prep work ahead of time to put the hair in top notch condition, help eliminate frizz and create sculpted soft curls or smooth waves. If the hair is not is great condition or frizzy, this super natural trend just looks like unkempt, damaged hair. To create this look, get a semi-permanent, formaldehyde-free curl perfecting or wave smoothing anti-frizz treatment at the salon and follow up with treatment product at home. It is a must to look for a service that is formaldehyde-free, formaldehyde derivative-free, and free from harsh chemicals with zero-harmful odors or fumes for your own health and the health of your hair. In addition, look for smoothing or curl perfecting service that smoothes by reshaping hair’s hydrogen and salt bonds that support the keratin, doesn’t open the cuticle of the hair. Look for one that contains at least 85% organics and features hair strengthening and smoothing quinoa and color protecting antioxidants such as organic horsetail and reishi mushroom.

The actual styling steps to create this look are relatively simple as long as you have this type of semi-permanent service done every 4-6 weeks and use the right at-home follow-up products. Shampoo and condition the hair with an organic-based anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. Look for a duo that contains hydrating, smoothing ingredients such as organic plantain and marshmallow root. Next apply the smoothing or curling perfecting follow-up product to damp hair, work through roots to ends, comb hair into place and let air dry, diffuse dry or sit under a hooded dryer. This follow up product should feed the hair a similar ingredient set as the in-salon treatment to support the texture control service. If hair still needs a little wave boost or end, working in large sections, mist onto dry hair a texture-creating, powder-free dry shampoo and wrap down to the scalp and pin in place. Look for one that is resin-free so hair is never stiff or sticky. Remember the larger the wrap the larger the bend or wave, the smaller the wrap the smaller the wave. Allow to dry for a few mists or heat with a blow-dryer. Tousle and perfect curls with a soft non-stiffening sculpting cream containing the moisturizing ingredient organic Honey.

To get this look try Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out with 85% Certified Organics or Tela Beauty Organics Anti Frizz Curl Enhancing Smoother Girls Who Love CurlsContains 85% Certified Organics. Also Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Curly Shampoo, Curly Conditioner, Dri Shampoo and Composer.

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Philip Pelusi is an internationally recognized stylist, photographer and product artist. Having gone from one salon to 13 locations as well as a magnificent industry centerpiece in New York City, Pelusi has created a philosophy, 2 product lines, P2 by Philip Pelusi and Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi and systems for success. Philip created and trademarked, within the industry, the phrase “A Cut Above The Rest” to coincide with his creation of the registered Volumetric haircutting technique around which he built his empire.


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