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Viva La France

By Nancy Jeffries, Contributing Editor | July 17, 2012

Votre Vu's hand-crafted color cosmetics reach US shores.

Votre Vu, the French-inspired line with its artisanal formulations and beaute simple approach, arrived on US shores with a new color collection just in time for Bastille Day. The brand’s French Accents collection features face basics that are handcrafted in France with botanicals, marine elements, and antioxidants, which are blended by cosmetic formulators in both Europe and the US, to nurture healthy skin that ages well, à la francaise. The products, ranging from an Anti-Aging Eyelid Smoother, called Lingerie Pour Les Yeux and Nourishing Moisture Tint with Concealer in Cap, called Love Me Deux, to a Daily Brow Definer called Arch de Triumphe, and Eiffel Power Mascara, to lengthen and fortify lashes, emphasized the cosmetic intentions of the French woman, that is to embellish what nature has given her and make up for what it didn’t. With natural extracts of hibiscus, mango, jojoba, kiwi, sunflower, avocado, cotton, and grape, the collection highlights proprietary formulas that claim to hydrate and restore the skin’s luminosity with multi-tasking products.
The Votre Vu collection includes an array of products.
Amid shouts of Vive la Revolucion!, costumed cosmetics aficionados circulated through the Bakehouse Restaurant on New York’s west side, Marie Antoinette fans in hand, while petanque competition was fierce in the bistro’s backyard. Presentation of the cosmetics collection began with Lingerie Pour Les Yeux Anti-Aging Eyelid smoother, an antioxidant-rich eyelid prep for long lasting shadow and liner. The formula, containing hibiscus extracts, claims to be a natural alternative to Botox, and features a patented anti-wrinkle power blend designed to reduce fine lines by 26% when applied daily for three weeks.

Votre Vu CEO and Co-Founder Harold Zimmerman.
Love Me Deux Nourishing Moisture Tint with Concealer in Cap, blends beeswax, Vitamin E, pure minerals, and botanicals for a concealer designed to hydrate the skin and create a crease-free look. The moisture tint, with sunflower and jojoba oils, aloe vera, honeysuckle extracts and French kaolin clay, protects the skin and masks imperfections to unify the complexion. Minerals of copper, manganese, and zinc fight free radicals, while vitamins A and C strengthen the skin, and a micro-powder finish creates a breathable, soft, translucent look for the skin. Six shades, ranging from Limoges (light cream), Champagne (golden cream), Paris (light medium beige), Provence (natural beige), and Cannes (warm medium) to St. Tropez, a deep tan, are featured. A concealer brush is also offered to apply the concealer or other crème products, for contouring, coverage, and long-lasting application.

Eiffel Power Lengthening & Fortifying Mascara, with carnauba, beeswax and sunflower waxes, extends lashes and leaves a luminous finish, while kaolin powder builds up the lashes to a desired length. A combination of power ingredients, including cotton extract, a skin conditioning emollient, plus acacia, with anti-inflammatory properties, and carnauba wax, obtained from the leaves of the Brazilian palm known as the “Tree of Life,” help provide film-forming and absorbent properties, for ease of application and smoothness.

Arch de Triumphe Daily Brow Definer is a water-resistant blend of soft waxes, vitamin E, and micronized minerals that add antioxidants to the brows and mimic the sheer, natural highlights of the hair. Available in fair, dark brown, warm, and soft black, the brow-shaping formula is said to be subtle and long lasting. Le Joli Crayon Smudge & Set Soft Eye Liner, which includes a sharpener, is a water-resistant gel pencil that allows the user to feather, smoke or smudge, with each stroke; and claims mineral pigments, anti-aging fruit extracts, and nourishing vitamin E in an ophthalmologist-tested formula. It’s available in charbon and aubergine, a distinctive shade somewhere between eggplant and brown.
Eiffel Power Mascara.
Belle Poudre HD Sheer Face Finish is fragrance and talc-free, keeps excess oil at bay, and is enriched with pure minerals to provide healing benefits to the skin while it protects, masks imperfections, and sets coverage over tints and concealers. It’s available in Light, Golden Medium, Medium, and Deep. Vu-On Rouge Sheer Moisture Color Accent for Lips and Face is a multi-tasking tint for cheeks, lips, and lids, made with shea butter and mango seed butter, which spreads smoothly without creasing, and is available in Bouquet Rose, French Tulip, and Ma Cherry. Additional products include Beaute en Bronze, a bronzer duo with kaolin clay-based soft powders for contours or highlights, and a retractable Powder Brush for applying bronzers, blushers, mineral powders and shimmers, all with prices ranging from $15 to $40.

According to Votre Vu CEO and Co-Founder Harold Zimmerman, the mindfully crafted cosmetics line complements the complexion with proven, natural ingredients.

“Less is more, in this well edited line,” said Zimmerman. “This is all good for you makeup. It complements your skin care, doesn’t negate it, and it is developed in France and manufactured in the US.”

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