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Be Your Own Fountain of Youth

By Nancy Jeffries, Contributing Editor | July 31, 2012

Personal Cell Sciences launches a range of novel, anti-aging products.

A new innovation in the skincare and anti-aging pantheon made its debut on July 25, 2012, at New York’s MPE Penthouse. The product suite, U Autologous, launched by Personal Cell Sciences, is a skincare line created and customized for each individual using their own stem cells. The U Autologous Regenerative Product Suite utilizes the adult stem cells found in an individual’s body fat to address each person’s unique skin care needs.
The line consists of Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Eye Cream, Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Moisturizer, and Adult Stem Cell Regenerative Firming Serum. In a process designed to be minimally invasive, a mini-liposuction is performed in a plastic surgeon’s office to collect 2oz (60ml) of body fat from the adipose tissue. Autokine-CM, the main ingredient in the U Autologous Regenerative line is made from the stem cells obtained, and harnessed through a process that isolates the adult stem cells from the fat tissue.

The stem cell sample is then split into two portions. Part is used to create the customized skin care products and part is stored. The stem cells are cultured in proprietary media and secrete a unique blend of cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins. A clinical grade portion of the stem cells are frozen cryogenically for potential future medical needs and a portion is utilized for the creation of each customized line. Autokine-CM is hand-blended with supplementary ingredients to create each unique anti-aging skin care suite.
“With this process, you are your own fountain of youth,” insisted Natalia Drulle, creative director, Personal Cell Sciences.
Autokine-CM is said to have the ability to help stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and activate cellular renewal for rejuvenated skin. According to Drulle, within the layers of the skin, Autokine-CM helps synthesize collagen and elastin production, improving overall regenerative activity.
Lab Processing and Cellular Therapies

Lab processing and cryopreservation are conducted with American CryoStem, America’s Stem Cell Bank, Red Bank, New Jersey, under the direction, of Richard Jacoby, MD, Laboratory Director. American CryoStem stores the cells for use in regenerative medicine and cellular therapies, retaining a clinical grade portion of each individual’s adult stem cells, which remain frozen at their current cellular age for future use.
Natalia Drulle, creative director, Personal Cell Sciences.
According to Dr. Stern, director of clinical studies, Personal Cell Sciences, whose presentation focused on the viability and efficacy of stem cell utilization for anti-aging and skin care, adult stem cells found throughout the body serve as the maintenance and repair system of all tissues and organs, and these stem cells, when extracted from the adipose tissue, have the ability to differentiate into bone, cartilage, muscle, nerves, fat and other specialized cell types. Dr. Stern, who described how the individual growth factors, or autokines, are isolated after extraction have reparative potential beyond cosmetic usage.

“There are over 100 different cytokines, growth factors, and matrix proteins found within human stem cells,” he explained. “For the first time we have something derived from an individual’s stem cells, and while part of the stem cells are utilized for anti-aging skin care applications, the other half of the stem cells are cryogenically saved for future use that may include cancer treatment, organ growth, and other applications.”
Applications for these cells are being discovered and applied throughout the world for treatment of disease, injury, and the visible signs of aging. According to Personal Cell Sciences, every day that we age, is a day that cannot be reversed. Through cryogenic storage aging of the selected cells can be halted and will remain in their pristine state until needed.
“It’s important to understand the distinction between the stem cells and the growth factors they secrete,” said Dr. Richard Jacoby, laboratory director, American CryoStem.“The stem cells are biologically unique. The growth factors are essentially proteins. You can create your own growth factor cream, or you could use another’s growth factors.”
Dr. Stern contends that extracted cells instruct and stimulate skin repair, adding that the isolated stem cells provide a type of “bio-insurance,” for future cosmetic needs as well as for potential health needs. He observed that after an 8-week clinical study with 10 patents on the east coast and 10 patients on the west coast, improvements ranged from 15% to 80% reduction in wrinkles, comparable to the scale of Botox, with the average being about 50% reduction in wrinkles.

Clinical data showed that 95% of users found positive changes to the skin’s texture in 4 weeks, while 81% of users experienced a visible reduction in fine lines after 4 weeks. Overall, 87% of users were said to have experienced a more youthful appearance after 4 weeks, according to Dr. Stern.
The Personal Cell Sciences U Autologous product line.
The process is a premium service, with the first step, mini-liposuction and primary product suite creation, costing $3,000. Successive monthly treatments, with all three products, are $1,500 each, and while clinical studies have demonstrated dramatic results over a period of eight weeks, Dr. Stern and his colleagues anticipate additional positive changes occurring as the treatments continue.

For those wishing to purchase individual products, rather then the three-product suite, the U Autologous Regenerative Firming Serum (30ml) is available for $780, the U Autologous Regenerative Moisturizer (50ml) is $620, and the U Autologous Regenerative Eye Cream (15ml) is $400.
Dr. Richard Goldfarb, executive director, Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine, Center for Facial & Body Rejuvenation, Center for Smart Lipo, and Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, is the lead investigator in the development of the technology. He noted the efficacy and potential of the technology.
“We believe that this system will also enhance the results of face lifts and extend their results, in addition to having the potential to prevent some skin cancers,” said Dr. Goldfarb.

Left, Dr. Fredrick Stern, Cosmetic Surgeon and Director of Clinical Studies, Personal Cell Sciences and Dr. Richard Goldfarb, Executive Director, Aesthetic Surgery & Medicine, Center for Facial & Body Rejuvenation, Langhorne, PA, at launch in New York City.
The Regenerative Firming Serum, formulated with the highest concentration of Autokine-CM, is said to improve the appearance of the visible signs of aging. The customized Autokine-CM contains growth factors and matrix proteins secreted from the individual’s adult stem cells. It is blended with antioxidants, peptides, skin brighteners and anti-aging ingredients to restore brightness, clarity, firmness, and tone to the skin. The Regenerative Eye Cream, formulated with Autokine-CM, is claimed to help boost the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, increase cellular renewal and hydrate the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, making eyes look brighter, more vibrant, and reducing dark under eye circles. The U Autologous Regenerative Moisturizer is said to regenerate the skin with long-lasting hydration. Formulated with Autokine-CM, it is claimed to improve the visible signs of aging while making skin supple and radiant, and improving tone, clarity, and texture.

Personal Cell Sciences Corp., is a life science company dedicated to the development and distribution of personalized Adipose Derived Stem Cell based anti-aging, topical skin care products formulated using an individual’s own stem cells. Additional information about Personal Cell Sciences may be found at:

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