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By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | August 1, 2012

Clorox is targeting Hispanic consumers by offering a new cleaning system formulated for their unique home care habits.

With a population of about 51 million, Latinos continue to expand their influence in the US marketplace, shaping how many leading CPG companies and retailers market and sell their products. This influence is clearly visible in categories that range from fashion (think J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s lines sold in Kohl’s) to banking (Univision’s prepaid Mastercard) and even to personal care (Nuance Salma Hayek).
But what about household cleaning?
Latino households spend more than any other population segment on laundry and household cleaning supplies, according to “The Latino Household Products Shopper,” a report issued last year by Packaged Facts.
According to Packaged Facts, in the past decade Latino spending on these products grew at a rate that was nearly three times faster than that of other households. In addition, Latino households are, on average, 40% larger than other households, and are much more likely to use high volumes of a broad range of household products.
Stats like those make the Hispanic/Latino sector an attractive category for any household care firm looking to boost their bottom line.
But they have very specific demands when it comes to their cleaning products, and Clorox believes it takes more than bilingual packaging to win them over.

“Hispanics are very engaged with cleaning activities,” said David Cardona, multicultural team leader at Clorox.
Through its research, Clorox found Hispanics often approach cleaning in a three-stage process: cleaning, disinfecting and aromatizing.
Clorox products tap into the fast-growing Latino population.
Now, the Oakland, CA-based firm is rolling out Clorox Fraganzia, a new line of aromatizing products designed for the unique way they approach cleaning. The line consists of three products—a multi-purpose dilutable cleaner, toilet bowl rim hanger and aerosol air freshener.
Known for its cleaning and disinfection expertise, aromatizing was a white space in the Clorox portfolio.
“Clorox saw opportunity to close the loop on the cycle with Fraganzia,” Cardona told *Happi.

The scents featured in Fraganzia include in the line include Lavender with Eucalyptus and Mint, Spring, and Forest Dew for the multi-purpose dilutable cleaner and air freshener and, Lavender with Eucalyptus and Mint as well as Pine Woods and Fresh Squeezed Lemon for the aromatic toilet bowl rim hanger.
Cardona believes that Clorox has a competitive advantage in Fraganzia’s set-up.
“It is a solution system,” he said, likening it to a brand like Crest, which has SKUs that roll across the entire oral care category.
The Fraganzia launch is being supported by an extensive, multi-media advertising effort that includes US Hispanic network and cable television advertising spots, US Hispanic radio spots, online digital banners and a Facebook presence on The launch will also receive aggressive point-of-sale support that will include dedicated displays and instant redeemable coupons.
Plus, Clorox is working with bloggers too, as social media has become a major tool in most new launches.

All told, Clorox is making a $2 million marketing investment to promote Fraganzia, according to Cardona.
“We realize, if we want to win in the US, we need to win with Hispanics,” he said.

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