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By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | August 29, 2012

Eyebrow experts like Natalie Plain of Billion Dollar Brows contend consumers should shape and care for what they see as the frame to the perfect face.

Beauty & The Brows Eyebrow experts like Natalie Plain of Billion Dollar Brows contend consumers should shape and care for what they see as the frame to the perfect face. Christine Esposito Associate Editor Eyebrows are hardly an afterthought in today’s beauty world. They call attention—good and bad—to the face. The right arch, shape and color serve as the perfect frame, while over-plucked, overgrown or unruly brows can standout in their own respect.

Eyebrow experts contend eyebrows should be cared for and conditioned just like skin and hair. In fact, stress, hormones, environmental factors and even the overzealous tweezing sessions can lead to damage, said Natalie Plain of Billion Dollar Brows, a company that is devoted to eyebrow health and beauty.

Billion Dollar Brows’ flagship salon in Beverly Hills, CA delivers a range of services from shaping to tinting to its Billion Dollar Brow Lift, which uses “non-surgical muscle re-education” to sculpt and contour the skin around the brow area including the forehead and cheekbones. DBD’s artists have shaped the brows of Hollywood A-listers like Lauren Conrad, Paula Abdul and Kristin Chenoweth.

In addition, the firm offers a line of at-home products and tools that can help every woman make the most of their look. One of those products is Brow Boost, which has been Billion Dollar Brows’ No. 1 seller since Day 1.

“People love it because it uses natural ingredients that are safe with no side effects, it works, and is affordable at $20,” said Plain.

Prostaglandin-free, it helps boost thin brows via nightly application. The product, which helps balance out uneven brows and provide a more youthful look, comes with a brush-on applicator.

The Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil, which works all skin tones and hair colors and gives brows a natural finish—not one that looks, well, penciled in. It has a neutral taupe color that blends well for blonde to very dark brunette hair, according to the company, which on its website, offers proof of its pencil’s universality. Of the tens of thousands sold, and there’s about 1% return rate, according to BDB.

Another customer favorite is the Brow Buddy tool, which “shows you exactly how to start, arch, and end your brows according to your own unique, facial symmetry. It takes the guess work out of brow shaping and gives you an exact guide to how you should shape your brows,” according to Plain.

And while brow style is personal and does vary somewhat, celebrity brows often serve as the guidepost.

So who in Hollywood has the hottest brows these days?

“One thing that the most beautiful celebrities have in common is that they all have great brows,” the brow guru told Happi. “Angelina Jolie, Sofia Vergara, Kim Kardashian all have embraced their thick, full brows—perfectly framing their faces.”

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