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Shower the People

By Christine Esposito, Associate Editor | August 29, 2012

Aromatech's Essio aromatherapy shower kit is designed to create a spa-like experience at home via an easy-to-set-up device that features organic essential oils.

A long, hot shower can wash away a very bad day, but aside from some great smelling soap or bath gel, showering remains a rather utilitarian experience.

Aromatec Inc., a Santa Monica, CA start-up, is out to elevate the daily shower to an aromatherapy ritual with its new device called Essio.
Essio attaches to the shower and works in conjunction with Aromatec’s disposable pod, which slowly releases a blend of pure essential oils into the shower water to create an aromatic effect. The product is made from premium materials, assembled in Australia and uses only 100% USDA-certified organic essential oils.
Six different scents are available—Clear, Passion, Unwind, Breathe, Night and Wisdom—and each blend is designed to suit the emotional state of user at any given point in their day—for example, to relax them at night before bed or rejuvenate and restore in the morning before work, according to Peter Friis, founder and CEO, Essio.
The Essio Starter Kit ($44.99), which comes with the device and three essential oil pods, requires no tools to set up— factor that Friis says will make it more attractive than other competitive devices.
The Thera Shower, for example, requires disassembly of the showerhead in order to install and activate, said Friis.
With Essio, users can adjust the aroma intensity by tilting the pod up and down in the shower and they can also turn off the aromatherapy at any time by tilting the pod to a horizontal position or removing it entirely.Aromatech has patented Essio in the US, Europe and China and has patents pending in Australia, Japan, Brazil and Canada.
Friis also told Happi that in consumer testing, “Essio produces a consistent aromatic experience during an entire shower that consumers can easily perceive and enjoy. By contrast, because aromatherapy shower steamers are placed on the floor and positioned far from the nose, their scents are difficult to perceive and enjoy.”

Essio releases a blend of pure essential oils directly into the shower water.
Essio’s pods contain 100% pure, therapeutic-grade, organic essential oils while aromatherapy steamers “generally contain chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate and calcium sulfate and furthermore use non-organic essential oils,” said Fris.

Each pod lasts approximately 20 minutes, which is enough for three showers on average, according to Friis, who showcased the unit at Cosmoprof North America earlier this year.
“We're targeting healthy lifestyle consumers at first, but ultimately we think this product will have broad appeal across consumer segments because of its health and relaxation benefits, ease of use and affordable price point,” he said.
The firm is currently taking pre-orders online ( and is evaluating inquiries from personal care and specialty retailers too.
While Essio is designed for at-home use, there could be installation opportunities in other venues, noted Friis.

“As far as commercial settings are concerned, we are considering opportunities to pre-install Essio in high-end hotels, cruise lines and in spas that have showers on-premise.”

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