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Treating Scars

January 28, 2013

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank explains the options.

By Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank,
Founder and director of The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery &Laser Center of New York

Whether it’s the acne from your awkward teen years or a tumble you took as a child, scars sometimes serve as reminders of past experiences you’d rather forget. Scarring is a natural part of healing, but that doesn’t mean you should have to live with this condition forever. Unfortunately, there is no treatment that can truly erase any scar, however, there are several effective, safe and realistic options that do provide significant results.
Here are some common treatments and procedures, as seen in cosmetic dermatology:
  • Dermapen: This tiny device takes the technique of needling, which has been around for ages, and incorporates a new method which minimizes epidermal damage leading to less pain and bleeding. It is easy to maneuver around tight facial contours, making it ideal for any type of facial scarring (acne, car accidents, etc.).
  • Silicone Microdroplets: Microdroplet silicone injections can be used to permanently rebuild tissue by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. In this treatment, numerous drops of sterile silicone oil are injected at several points of the affected area. Treatments are conducted at monthly intervals to allow collagen to rebuild.
  • Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Repair: These devices offer a full spectrum of resurfacing options from least to most aggressive.
  • Vbeam Laser: The Vbeam Laser is a laser technology used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including raised and red scars. Each treatment takes 15 minutes to two hours depending on the number and size of treatment areas. The Vbeam Laser is most effective on dark colored scars. Mild and moderate scars will become virtually invisible and patients with more severe scars will see a noticeable reduction.
About the expert:
Dr. Frank is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon, a Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology, and a fellow of both the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery and the American Academy of Dermatology. He is also on the Board of Directors of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. He trained in Internal Medicine at New York's Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and completed his Dermatology residency at NYU Langone Medical Center where he is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor and director of a cosmetic surgical clinic for training dermatologists.He is also an author and currently serves as Global Brand Endorser and Product Developer for GoodSkin Labs by Estée Lauder Companies.

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