Happi Magazine

July 2013

  • 2013 Top 50

    2013 Top 50

    Our annual look at the biggest US players in the business.

  • From Home to Toe

    From Home to Toe

    Wipes to clean every surface, from kitchen countertop to baby’s bottom, continue to debut.

  • DSM Unleashed

    DSM Unleashed

    With a deep global understanding of people’s beauty aspirations, a broad range of novel ingredients and a passionate, creative team in place, the company is well positioned to become a leading innovator in the global beauty industry.

  • SCC Meets in St. Louis

    SCC Meets in St. Louis

    Formulating for an aging population discussed at SCC's Scientific Seminar.

  • Supplementing Beauty

    Supplementing Beauty

    Nutritional products round out personal care routines.

  • A Matter of Style

    A Matter of Style

    Hair styling products, at every price point, keep consumers looking good on top.