Liquid Bronzer

August 2, 2013

Phase A
Deionized water
Dissolvine GL-47-S (Coast Southwest, Akzo Nobel tFunctional Chemicals) (Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate)
Glycerin (Coast Southwest) (Glycerin)

Phase B
Endisil Fu00e2u0080u00931000 (Coast Southwest) (Dimethicone)
Siltext Velvet (Coast Southwest) (Hydrogenated tpolyisobutene (and) dimethicone (and) polyethylacrylate)
Alphaflow 20 (Coast Southwest) (Hydrogenated polydecene)
Dedraflow 5.3 (Coast Southwest) (Hydrogenated polyisobutene (and) dimethicone)

Phase C
Creasperse Date Brown (Coast Southwest) (Hydrogenatedtpolydecene (and) hydroxystearic acid (and) CI 77491 (red iron oxide) (and) CI 77891(titanium dioxide) (and) CI 77499 (black iron oxide) (and) CI 77492 (yellow iron oxide))

Phase D
Ultrastarch P21C (Coast Southwest, Ultra Chemical) t(Zea mays (corn) starch)
BNpoly UV Crystal TR22 (Coast Southwest, Ultra Chemical) (Boron nitride (and) titanium dioxide (and) dimethicone (and) isododecane (and) ethylene/VA copolymer)
Creastar Primary FM Ametrine WL 100 (Coast Southwest) t(Calcium aluminum borosilicate (and) CI77891 (titanium dioxide) (and) CI 19140 (FD&C yellow No.5))
Creastar Primary Red Y6 WL 100 (Coast Southwest) (Calcium aluminum borosilicate (and) CI77891 (titanium dioxide) (and) CI 15985 (FD&C yellow No. 6))

Phase E
Endisil FS-193 (Coast Southwest) (PEG-12 dimethicone)
PEG/PPG Dimethicone (Coast Southwest) (PEG/PPG 18/18 dimethicone)

Phase F
Sharomix 702 (Coast Southwest, Sharon Laboratories) (Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzoic acid (and) phenoxyethanol)
Ultrapure Polymer 2041-R (Coast Southwest, Ultra Chemical) (Water (and) polyvinylacetate)
Endicare ETP-305 (Coast Southwest) (Polyacrylamide (and) C13-14 isoparaffin (and) laureth-7)

Phase G
Polysorbate 20 (Coast Southwest) (Polysorbate 20)

Combine A with a mixer and dissolve until clear. In a separate vessel combine B. Add C color dispersion to phase B, allow the mixture to become uniform, then set aside. Add D to BC to form a slurry of powder and pigment. Mix until uniform. Add E to BCD and allow to become uniform. Add BCDE to A. Using a prop increase speed to combine to two phases until uniform. The mixture may appear discontinuous, but allow to become as uniform as possible. Add F and the gel will become homogeneous. If needed, homogenize for 1-2 minutes to thicken and become uniform. Add G and transfer to main vessel.

pH-6.41; Viscosity spindle #3 at 10 rpm-4,800 cst.

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